Rabid Habs

Let’s all PANIC!!! Just Kidding…For Now!

Habs' PK Subban

Ok, this edition of my blog might upset some people, but so be it, enough is enough, I need to vent!

Many Habs fans out there are on the brink of a nervous breakdown, we’ve lost 3 in a row and we haven’t looked great even when we won, but let’s slow down here, we’re still 8-4-1. The fact that we haven’t been at our best is actually quite impressive considering our win/loss record, but some things need to change/improve if we don’t want this season to go down the drain.

Let me get it out there right away, as it needs to be said, Subban is playing like s…t! What is going on with #76? If he’s not making mistakes on D, he’s making mistakes in the offensive zone or taking stupid penalties that kill our momentum! And if that’s not enough, he’s staying on the ice for crazy long shifts! Last night he had one shift that lasted 2 minutes and 57 seconds, are you kidding me?! This is the NHL, no defenseman can hope to hold his own in the defensive zone against rested forwards after having spent that much time on the ice, it just won’t work. The man has been on the ice for 8 of the last 11 goals against for the Habs, if THAT’S not a clear indicator that something’s wrong, I don’t know what is!

Does he realize that he needs to smarten up? Lately, after every game, he’s been repeating the same thing: “I need to get better, I know I can be better”. Well then DO IT!

Don’t get me wrong here, I love PK Subban, well, I should say I love the PK Subban we’ve seen in the past. This new 72 million dollar version of our star defenseman is just a shadow of the player he was just last year.

Does he need to sit in the press box for a game? I don’t know, but in the past it worked well to send him a message. I just hope he gets it together soon, or else the Habs are in for a loooooong season!

Since I’m in the mood to criticize, where the hell is Jiri Sekac? And why isn’t he playing? The team can’t seem to score goals, and he can score goals. The team seems to have some problems with the intensity level, he’s an intense player. So why isn’t he playing instead of Rene Bourque? I mean really, does anybody on this friggin’ planet think he could do worse than Bourque? Or are they trying to showcase Bourque to try and trade him? If that’s the case I suggest they stop making him play because all he’s doing is giving the other teams new reasons not to want him on their squad. No intensity, no hustle, no nothing.

I could talk about Lars Eller, but the fact of the matter is, he’s one of the rare ones that has actually slowly improved his game so far. Let’s be fair, he missed most of the training camp because of a hamstring injury so it’s taking him some time to get his groove back on, and that can’t be easy to do when you’re paired up with the likes of Rene Bourque.

The positive thing about this situation is that the Habs have a decent record so they have a little time to get back on track, but make no mistake, it’s not like we have a 30 point lead in the standings. Our position can dramatically plummet, and quickly, if we don’t start playing properly. This lack of intensity we’re seeing is unacceptable and needs to be addressed if we’re to right the ship anytime soon, and that means some drastic measures may need to be taken to get there.

Thanks for reading!