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28 Times Carey Price Left Us In Awe

Habs' Carey Price Photo - couchcoaches.co

Carey Price is no stranger to the hockey world. In fact, it was only recently that hockey fans in Toronto misread a tweet saying “Price traded to Toronto,” only to realize later that the tweet was referring to David Price who is now with the Toronto Blue Jays, which seemed to piss off A LOT of Maple Leafs fans (because their “jokes” backfired, of course). When it comes to the greatest goaltenders in the NHL, Price is obviously at the top of the list and whether you love him or hate him, you can’t deny that this god-like being has talent. In honor of his 28th birthday today, we thought it would only be appropriate to celebrate the Vezina, Hart, Ted Lindsay, and William M. Jennings winner by showing you 28 times Price’s saves left us Habs fans in awe and happiness. Keep in mind, not all of his greatest saves could make the list so we chose the ones we thought deserved praise.

1) September 30th, 2008 against the Detroit Red Wings

2) January 10th, 2015 against the Pittsburgh Penguins

3) March 24th, 2015 against the Nashville Predators

4) November 14th, 2010 against the Carolina Hurricanes

5) February 1st, 2011 against the Washington Capitals

6) November 4th, 2014 against the Chicago Blackhawks

7) December 2nd, 2013 against the New Jersey Devils (featuring P.K. Subban)

8) May 1st, 2014 against the Boston Bruins

9) November 12th, 2013 against the Tampa Bay Lightning

10) January 18th, 2014 against the Toronto Maple Leafs

11) January 16th, 2014 against the Ottawa Senators

12) February 15th, 2011 against the Buffalo Sabres

13) March 22nd, 2015 against the San Jose Sharks

14) December 9th, 2014 against the Vancouver Canucks

15) February 20th, 2011 against the Calgary Flames (Heritage Classic)

16) March 1st, 2012 against the Minnesota Wild

17) December 1st, 2010 against the Edmonton Oilers

18) February 22nd, 2015 against the Columbus Blue Jackets

19) February 5th, 2012 against the Winnipeg Jets

20) March 14th, 2015 against the New York Islanders

21) December 12th, 2014 against the Los Angeles Kings

22) January 29th, 2015 against the New York Rangers

23) November 21st, 2014 against the St. Louis Blues

24) November 25th, 2011 against the Philadelphia Flyers

25) March 7th, 2015 against the Arizona Coyotes

26) October 18th, 2014 against the Colorado Avalanche

27) January 27th, 2015 against the Dallas Stars

*Despite the collision, it was still a great, classic save on his part.*

28) March 28th, 2012 against the Florida Panthers

*BONUS VIDEO* – Making 43 saves against the Senators before advancing to the second round of the 2015 NHL Stanley Cup Playoffs

Thank you, Carey Price, for being the best gift to Habs fans everywhere. What’s YOUR favorite Lord Price moment? Tweet and let us know!

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