Rabid Habs

Why Alex Why?

Former Habs' Alex Kovalev

I’m sure that by now every Habs fan on earth is fully aware of the DISGUSTING remarks made by Alex Kovalev regarding PK Subban’s style of play and his contract. Why would Kovalev do such a thing? How dare he? He should be drawn and quartered!

This is such a travesty! I hate you Alex… I HATE YOU! Now that Iv’e gotten that out of my system, I’ll move on. I’m sure you’re all thinking that I’m being over dramatic right? Well, if you are thinking that, you are correct! I figured I’d add a little over dramatic performance and entertain the masses, because this summer has got to the be the slowest in the history of all summers! It’s soooooooooooo boring waiting for our beloved Habs to hit the ice again, and there isn’t a whole lot to talk about right now. So, therefore, I’m going to jump all over Alex Kovalev.

First of all, in regards to PK’s contract, Mr Kovalev has to realize, that this isn’t 1996, or even 2002 anymore. Star players get these type of contracts nowadays, and besides, they have agents who are relentless, that will do just about anything to get their clients what they want, and then some. And yes, players have always had agents for the most part, but it seems like it’s more of a dog eat dog world now when it comes to contract negotiations.

Kovalev also criticized PK by saying “He’s a risky defenceman”. Ok, here’s how I see it. Taking risks is part of the game, a part that sometimes will pay off and other times will hurt the team, and boy, when a risk pays off it seems like a genius decision.

Risk taking wasn’t a trademark of Kovalev. Heck, showing up to play most nights wasn’t a trademark of his either. I’d take a risk taker on my team any day over somebody who only plays 50 percent of the time. Kovalev then went on to say, “He (PK) plays like we used to on the street”. Well, isn’t that the point Alex, to go out and give your all, all the while having fun? Seems to me that that’s the whole point! You look into the eyes of any ten year olds on the street playing hockey and you will see more passion and fire in those eyes than there ever was in the eyes of Mr Kovalev.

Probably the stupidest thing Kovalev said was when he made this remark: “Maybe because he won best defenceman of the year, that’s how they get paid these days”. Ok, just take a second to let that sink in… Sunk in? Good… Ok, now, this is me yelling… I THINK THAT SAYS IT ALL RIGHT THERE! IN ORDER TO WIN AN INDIVIDUAL AWARD LIKE THE NORRIS YOU HAVE TO BE GOOD, IF NOT GREAT!!! AND WHAT HAPPENS IN SPORTS TO GREAT PLAYERS??? THEY GET PAID THE BIG BUCKS!!! THE FACT THAT SUBBAN IS A GREAT PLAYER IS WHAT GOT HIM THE NORRIS! Ok, I’ll relax now…

Kovalev also added that he doesn’t understand how PK got so much money based on his style of play. Did Kovalev not see what PK pulled off in the playoffs? The Subbanator was dynamic! He was sensational! He was dynamite! What did good ol’ Alex ever do for us in the playoffs besides rifling a slap shot past Tim Thomas in OT in 2008? Yeah, he took a little slash on the wrist against the Bruins in the 2004 playoffs, cried and whined about it, skated head first into Sheldon Souray, which led to Glenn Murray picking up the puck and ripping the game winner past Jose Theodore in OT of game 4.

I was never one to rip on Kovalev, as a matter of fact, I used to adore him when he was a member of Les Canadiens. Nobody could match his skills, and when he wanted to protect that puck there wasn’t a player in the league who could take it from him. But now, I feel the need to tear him a new one. I can look past the fact that he was in the stands of Madison Square Garden wearing the Rangers colors during that forgettable series a couple months back. I can forgive and forget something like that, but, taking shots at our beloved superstar, PK Subban, is just unacceptable. For your sake Kovy, I hope that this doesn’t forever tarnish your reputation in the true mecca of hockey, Montreal… Because that sir, would be a crying shame!