Rabid Habs

An Alternate Approach

Habs' alternate captains

When Marc Bergevin made the bold but calculated move to name no captain for the 2014-15 season, he sent the message out to his current corps of players that EVERYONE needs to step up in regards to leadership. Thankfully for les bleu, blanc et rouge, leadership is something they have in abundance…

Tomas Plekanec (A)

The turtle necked Czech is a leader on the ice and in the dressing room but when it comes to tasting real success Plekanec has an itch that needs to be scratched. His work ethic is unwavering and Michel Therrien will be hoping this tenacity will rub off on newcomer and fellow countryman Jiri Sekac. By mentoring the young rookie, these Czech mates could go onto to become tormentors of defences across the NHL.  Who would have thought that a couple of kids from Kladno would be lighting up the La Belle Province together?

Andrei Markov (A)

Who needs a captain when you have The General patrolling the ice? The wily old Russian is undoubtedly the leader and heart and soul of this team.  And if they were to win the cup, it would surely be the 13 year Habs veteran who would be the first to hoist Lord Stanley.  His steady presence on the back end is crucial to the development of young blueliners Tinordi and Beaulieu, and with him marshalling the troops towards victory you know the team can rest easy.

P.K.  Subban (A)

Subban is the man we all expect to become the next captain of the Montreal Canadiens. No doubt that he himself also believes this whole heartedly. For now though he still has much to learn, but don’t be surprised to see the former Norris Trophy winner to take his new found responsibility and use it to bolster his already confident play.  Slapping an “A” on P.K is bound to make the P.P thrive.  Just remember, it’s all about the W’s.

Max Pacioretty (A)

Few people (NHL goaltenders alike) would be surprised if Pacioretty went on to smash the 40 goal barrier this season. The Habs power forward looks set to raise the bar even higher and he could quite easily go onto to score 43 or 44 goals…45 Max. He needs to avoid his stretches of patchy form and step up and lead by example game in and game out. If the big man can use his muscle to hustle and bustle the opposition, then he could be set for another career season.

Carey Price (G)

The only “C” the Canadiens need to concern themselves with is the C for Carey Price. Even though no captain was named, don’t let anyone fool you that this is not his team. If the Habs are ever going to make it to the Promised Land it will have to be upon his back.  A model professional, he wakes up every morning and does 300 pushups before breakfast. 10 quick sets of 30, although Carey usually does 31. “C” might stand for captain, but it also stands to Conn Smythe, Cups and Championships, and that’s all that he will be focused on.