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Andrei Markov Signs 3-Year Contract

With today’s announcement, the Habs took another step forward. Andrei Markov‘s contract was necessary because our prospects aren’t quite ready and it would’ve been a mistake to rush their development.

Selected 162nd overall at the 1998 NHL Entry Draft, Markov has 442 points in 765 regular season games.

Losing Markov for absolutely nothing would have been a gaffe – which Marc Bergevin avoided. You cannot disregard the fact that Markov has played his entire career in Habs jersey, loves playing in Montreal and hasn’t demanded a pay increase ($5.75M per year, 3 years).

There are always two sides to look at. If Bergevin didn’t resign Markov, he would have needed to acquire another solid defenseman to replace him. With the UFA pool being scarce, it would have likely taken a trade.

Salary-wise, I think this is a fair deal. However, I’m a bit stuck on the length of the contract. Three years is long and many things can happen during this period, but Bergevin didn’t have too many other options. I’m convinced that the GM was hoping to settle on a two-year contract, but gave into the demands. Either way, Markov is here to stay for another three years and he earned it.

The next few days should be quite interesting leading up to the NHL Entry Draft. Is Subban’s contract next? Will the Habs wheel and deal? What do you think? Leave us your comments, Tweet us @rabidhabs or post a message on our Facebook page.