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Around The NHL – Week of June 1-7

Ben Bishop

Ben Bishop injury 

There was an interesting development in game 2 of the Stanley Cup finals. During the third period, Lightning starter Ben Bishop vacated his net twice, the second time for good. As it is playoff time, nothing was said after the game as to what was ailing Bishop.

As an aside, I would like to compare and contrast the various leagues and how they publicize injuryinjuries. Major League Baseball (MLB) has by far the most inclusive information on injuries. They specify the type of injury suffered. MLB also regularly provides updates on where the players are in their rehab whether they are starting a throwing program or have undergone surgery. In the National Basketball Association (NBA) injury updates are provided on a team by team basis but teams are generally specific and offer a rough timeline if known. The National Football League (NFL) gives the specific injury and the expected timeline.

The NHL is by far the stingiest of the big 4 sports leagues when it comes to reporting injuries. Even early in the season, teams will term injuries as upper body or lower body. Teams even hold back on estimated return date. A big reason behind the deception is protection of the players. There is no question that if teams knew more about the injuries, they would target the injured player and try to exploit the injury. For example, say Carey Price injured his knee. If the opposition knew that info, they would be crashing the net and accidentally on purpose try to land on the prone knee.

The only problem with this logic is that football is also a contact sport and yet teams have no problems specifying the injury. It boils down to lack of respect and the inconsistency from game to game and with supplementary discipline. I think it’s ok to be deceptive about what the injury is but giving a time frame for the injury provides no competitive advantage. Teams should be required to disclose more about injuries because injuries have a big impact on fantasy pools for one thing. Also, it would increase the teams’ interaction with fans in a positive way. At the same time, the league has to be more consistent with calling penalties and with handing out suspensions.