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Bergevin: Price is Staying, Galchenyuk is a Wing for Now

Our season has ended, all hope is lost. Hopefully, our general manager Marc Bergevin will putforth an inspirational speach on how he will improve his team to deliver the cup to Montreal.

If that were to happen, I would be dreaming.

Unfortunately, it was the same old Bergy. From him saying that making trades is hard to him rambling on about how it’s the players job to score. It’s a good thing we’re already used to that nonsense.

Let’s start with the good news:

Both Carey Price and Bergevin are on equal terms as they both want to complete a contract as soon as possible.

It’s also plausible that Alexander Radulov will sign an extension with the Canadiens.

Now enough with the good news. Bergevin made quite a few perplexing comments at todays presser that left me and everybody in distress.

In my view (and 99% of people), Alex Galchenyuk is certaintly suited for the center role. I definitely understand that he is not the sharpest tool in the shed defensively, but let’s delve into some players who boast the offensive acumen whilst failing defensively. A player that comes to mind is no other than Alex Ovechkin? Ovi is not a menacing defensive force by the slightest, however, he scores goals at an astounding rate to cover up his defensive blemishes. Do you see the Russian great on the 3rd line because of his loose defending? No! I am not saying Galchenyuk is in the same echelon as Ovechkin, but it does work to the same effect that Montreal needs to realize that he is an offensive workhorse and that alone will make up for his defensive shortcomings.

Furthermore, this particular quote caught me by surprise.

The fact that Nathan Beaulieu was the only player who graduated from the Canadiens farm team in recent memory says a lot about their problems developing players. He could have been a decent defender if he were conditioned properly. The same could be said about Jarred Tinordi, Greg Pateryn and to a lesser extent Magnus Nygren. The 4 players mentioned, were mishandled by management. Nathan Beaulieu had potential to be a decent player for the one of the most coveted franchises in the NHL no doubt. Unfortunately the Habs never gave him a fair shake.

In conclusion, this statement was classic Bergevin.

The fact that Bergevin is fine with the centers we have is truly agonizing. If we are to be a true cup contender, we cannot consistently rely on Phillip Danault to be our #1 center. It’s fair to say that he took a big step forward in his development, but in all seriousness he is a number 3 center at best. How Bergevin envisions a #1 center is quite dissapointing. Notably, those players are important, but we need an elite #1 center to further improve this squad. I don’t know how, but if Bergevin has the guts to trade Montreal’s most beloved player in recent memory, he can most certainly get his hands on a number 1 center.

Like most end of season pressers, this one was certainly underwhelming like most.

I think our very own Ian Boisvert sums it up best:



Bergevin’s words never really give us much, so we’ll have to wait and see what he does over the course of the summer.

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