Rabid Habs

Blinded By The Bleu, Blanc, Et Rouge Light

Habs' Carey Price

“We can’t think that we’re a high-flying team that’s going to score five out of six goals a game. It doesn’t work that way.” – P.K. Subban

Monday night we saw a minor setback for the Montreal Canadiens, when their four game win streak collapsed in Edmonton as the Habs were unable to solve goaltender Ben Scrivens, even though they took 29 shots on the net. Taking four minor penalties during the first period alone did not help the Canadiens either. Most likely, it took away any confidence they might’ve had coming out to a stadium with a roaring applause from the copious amount of Habs fans in attendance. However, Montreal didn’t have the time to sit around and gloat about their second loss of the season. Last night’s game saw Carey Price back in the net for the second game in Alberta, after giving up his spot to Dustin Tokarski on Monday. Price has had a strong start to the season, and is posting a 10-5-2 career record opposite to the Flames, which is no wonder why the Canadiens got their groove back last night against Calgary; they had their main beat in the back.

The Canadiens took advantage of the first period by putting on extreme pressure for Calgary, which seemed to work well for them. Lars Eller had his chance at an excellent shorthanded goal, but redirected the pass from Travis Moen high above the Flames’ net. We also finally saw Rene Bourque breakaway. Unfortunately, the hashtag “#AlmostBourque” trended fast and both the Canadiens and the Flames were left with no goals after twenty minutes.

The race was on in the second period but ended shortly after Mark Giordano got a wrist shot in only two minutes and nine seconds into the game, with Johnny Gaudreau and TJ Brodie both assisting. I don’t normally get amped during the second period of the game. While the Flames enjoyed their first goal of the night, that ended quickly. Ten minutes after their first goal, Tom Gilbert (yes, you read that correctly) scored the Canadiens first goal of the night and his first goal of the season. The last time I talked about Tom Gilbert, I pointed out the fact that he lacked consistency, but I was wrong. The only reason Gilbert seems to lack consistency is because he doesn’t let his emotions come out on the ice, which can be both good and bad. On one hand it’s good because he’s only thinking of the game and isn’t that distracted, but on the other hand while he may have his eyes on the puck, he doesn’t have any emotion going through his shots, which has lead to a lot of giveaways (just my opinion). Like him on the Canadiens roster or not, this man got a wrist shot in with NO ASSISTS, leaving the second period tied at 1-1. He’s got the talent, and he should really show it more often. I’m usually extremely tensed up during the first and last period (that’s when most of us are rooting for a first goal of the night or a sweet victory at the end). However, I don’t see how anyone could not have been sitting on the edge of their seats last night. The pressure had just started to rise up.

After a scoreless third period and overtime, the Canadiens and Flames went straight into shootout mode. After 3 unsuccessful shots by Jiri Hudler, Sean Monahan, and John Gaudreau (the last shot was first thought to be a goal until it showed that Carey Price did in fact save it) and 2 unsuccessful attempts by Alex Galchenyuk and David Desharnais, P-A Parenteau saved the day which gave the Habs a 2-1 victory.

Here are my thoughts about last night’s game:

  • Carey Price is one hell of a goalie; even fans of other NHL teams cannot deny that this guy is extremely powerful. Even though he didn’t play Monday night’s game against Edmonton, he made up for it last night with 37 saves and three more in the shootout to backstop the Canadiens to the win. I really hope he stays with the Habs for a very long time. A fast paced team deserves a fast paced goalie (plus he looks dam snazzy in bleu, blanc, et rouge, does he not?).
  • I think I speak for most Habs fans when I say there is still shock over Tom Gilbert’s wrist shot. Regardless it being the beginning of the season, Gilbert wasn’t looking so good from the start. He can be over the top; he can build himself up to be a fantastic defenseman. I would really like to see more action from him in the future.
  • It was great seeing the Canadiens bounce back from Monday night’s 3-0 road loss. Every team seems to go through this basic pattern: they have an amazing winning streak, maybe a few losses here and there, and then there’s that one game that leaves you going, “Who on earth were they and where did my team go?” After eleven games so far this season, can you really blame them for looking exhausted during one game?

Montreal will face the Vancouver Canucks Thursday night before returning back to their homeland where they will face the Flames again on the second of November. While both Stanley Cup champions are determined to out skate each other (their rivalry is short but sweet), there is no doubt in my mind with Price standing behind the Canadiens that Calgary will be put in their place once again. Until November 2nd, it’s “lights out” for the Flames.

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