Rabid Habs

Brown: My Playoff Wishlist

It’s that time of year again! Where the insurmountable stress is creeping into our lives, and the start of the most unimaginable superstitions make me think playoffs! Before you know it, your team has been knocked out of the playoffs and you find yourself weeping for months on end.

We should all hope this year is different.

I meticulously pieced together my wish list that I hope will become a reality.

My official Playoff Wishlist:

1. Montreal wins Lord Stanley

It’s improbable, but nothing is impossible. It’s a new season. We have a team geared to win. Having the best goalie in the world, Carey Price, certainly helps your cause. Perhaps a couple of the most dynamic wingers in the NHL in Alexander Radulov and Max Pacioretty can give the Habs the edge? Have I mentioned the strong supporting cast that can routinely score goals like Arturri Lehkonen, Brendan Gallagher, Paul Byron, Andrew Shaw and Phillip Danault? If that hasn’t convinced you yet, we acquired players with more grit and experience to help our team through the rough patches of the postseason. What do we not obtain that makes our team a contender? We may not have that 1-2 punch down the middle like most contending teams do, but I always follow this saying. Offense wins games, defense wins championships. When your limiting one of the most offensively dynamic team to 1 goal, you know you’re doing something right.

2. Shea Weber successfully makes his mark as a shutdown defender.

We’ve all heard about how poorly Weber’s most recent post season ended with Nashville, but if we can cherry pick on his shortcomings, we should most definitely be able to relish his reliability on the international stage. Who was the defensive force that played 30 minutes a night on a recurring basis in the 2010 and 2014 Olympics for Canada, earning more minutes than the likes of Duncan Keith, Chris Pronger and Scott Niedermayer? Shea Weber. Who was a force to be reckoned with throughout the entirety of the 2016 World Cup? Shea Weber. Who was the defender who proved us wrong time and time again this season and proved us how valuable his defensive style is to this team? Shea Weber! Although he had a few hiccups along the way, his countless successes ultimately outweigh his imperfections. I for one, believe that Shea Weber will be a dominant force for the upcoming playoff series vs. the Rangers.


3. Alex Galchenyuk fires on all cylinders

Say it as you will, Alex Galchenyuk was indeed demoted to the fourth line along with the norwegian journeyman, Andreas Martinsen and Steve Ott. Undoubtedly, Chucky still has the offensive ability to play on the 1st line, but with all things considered, there must be a reason why he has been played on the fourth line. On the topic of his demotion, Claude Julien stated that it’s what you do with your ice time, not how much ice time you get. However, with the limited time he earned, number 27 has played very well by showcasing his offensive prowess which was evident for the majority of the match.

Unfortunately, Andreas Martinsen and Steve Ott were unable to capitalize on his creative passing. The American native was then moved to the 3rd line along with Lehkonen and Shaw for spurts in the 3rd period but nothing came to show for Julien after making the particular adjustment. Mind you, Julien made the change with 2 minutes left in the 3rd period. If Julien wishes to win this series, he may have to condense his scoring lines if the team is still lacking offensive production. Replacing Phillip Danault with Alex Galchenyuk can come along way in terms of goal scoring. Forget his defensive blemishes, we need to find a way to put pucks in the back of the net! We can only hope that the former 30 goal scorer can retain his status as a dynamic center.

All said and done, there is only one goal in mind, the Stanley Cup! Now let the games begin!