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CBC’s Mike Dennis on Max Pacioretty

Habs' Max Pacioretty

In late summer, several renowned sports journalists and columnists take their vacation so they are well rested for the opening day of training camps.

Sometimes this lowers the quality of published articles, but CBC wins the prize for the worst published NHL content this year.

Mike Dennis, of CBC Sports, decided to publish a list of the 8 worst NHL contracts for Canadian teams. The article also invites readers to vote for the one they consider to be the worst. What draws attention of Habs fans is that Dennis has placed Max Pacioretty‘s contract on the list.

Dion Phaneuf currently holds the lead with 57.6% (7859 votes), while Pacioretty sits last with 1.8% (246 votes).

His explanation: “While 39 goals is nothing to sneeze at, Mad Max is signed for the next five years and seems to have a bad season every other year. His goal totals the last four years are 39, 15, 33 and 14 — although when he plays a full season he usually produces.”

The “journalist” does not mention the shortened lockout season, nor where Pacioretty was almost killed by Zdeno Chara.

Pacioretty has a 5-year deal worth $4.5M per year. He amassed 60 points last season and was the most prolific left winger in the NHL. In my opinion, Pacioretty has one of the best contracts in the NHL. The 15 and 14 goal seasons, he only played 44 and 37 games respectively. Patches ranks seventh for most goals scored in the league for the past three seasons.  Pacioretty is just entering his prime and he should get even better.

While Pacioretty’s contract is listed in the article, the author failed to mention David Clarkson’s contract with the Toronto Maple Leafs.

Clarkson scored 5 times in 2013-14; in the first year of a 7-year deal which includes a cap hit of $5.25M per year – and whose annual salary will rise to $7M in 2016-17 and 2017-18.

Is Clarkson really a better bargain than Pacioretty?

What are your thoughts Habs fans? Do you think this was written by a Leafs fan?

Go Habs Go!