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Celebrating 1 Year For Rabid Habs Magazine

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We have had a fun year blogging about the Habs and other hockey related topics. More and more people have been coming to visit our blog every month, averaging 5,000 views per month (and growing!).

What started as a web design project has turned into a community website that features English and French articles about the Montreal Canadiens.

A special thanks to our bloggers for contributing articles to this open forum. If any of our readers feel inclined to submit Habs related articles, we would be happy to publish them. We plan on having many more years of blogging to share in our community magazine. The more Habs fans who get involved in sharing their passion for the Bleu-Blanc-Rouge, the faster we will be recognized as the best Montreal Canadiens fan site.

Stay tuned for more articles featuring Nos Glorieux… Go Habs Go!

Thanks for your continued support.

André Leclerc
Rabid Habs Magazine