Rabid Habs

The Champ, The Chump and The Bum, Vol. 16

Jarred Tinordi

Written by: Karine Hains

This week was a quiet one for the Habs with only two games on the calendar, a match-up with the Bolts on Tuesday and a last meeting with the Pens on Saturday night. Unfortunately, la Sainte-Flanelle lost both of those games and while it wasn’t pretty against Stamkos and co. it was a worthy display against Pittsburgh.

The Champ: Tim Carroll

I know, he’s not a Canadiens’ player, in fact he’s not even a player but rather an artist who uses various mediums to create fantastic and unique pieces of art. One of those said mediums is cut-up sports cards. I first heard about Tim and few years back and was absolutely taken with his work…so much so that I asked him to make a commission piece for me called “The Wink”. I bet you all know what that refers to right? It was Tim’s first foray in the world of hockey and the final result was amazing (http://www.timcarrollart.com/thewink.htm ). Ever since then, Roy’s wink has been hanging on my wall in all its glory. Why am I talking about Tim here? Well, because this week he confirmed that after making a piece for Upper Deck’s 25th anniversary (a replica of Gretzky’s first Upper Deck card) at the National Sports Card Convention he will work for them at the NHL All-Stars game Fanfest and he’s also got a deal with the National Hockey League to make a piece for them. No word yet on what that piece will be but I’m sure it will be spectacular. Congratulations to Tim and I just couldn’t help but share this with the Habs fan base, if only to remind you of St. Patrick’s wink in a week were the Canadiens have fallen twice.

The Chump: P.K. Subban

Do not get me wrong, I love Subban but on Tuesday he showed really poor judgement and while he is not solely responsible for that loss, he sure is one of the culprits. His penalty taken from the bench about halfway through the second period was the turning point in the match. He later admitted that he had made a mistake and that he was just trying to stand-up for his teammate (as Markov had been hit by a Lightning player) but bottom line is, that lapse of judgement was costly. In fact, it’s actions like that that lead me to increasingly believe that Subban might not be the next captain. Before the start of the season I was convinced that he would be but since then, he hasn’t exactly had his best season and in the meantime, Max Pacioretty is behaving increasingly like a captain; leading by example, taking young players under his wing and dealing with the media in an admirable fashion. That being said, I still am a P.K. fan and it’s his jersey I wore during tonight’s game. Perhaps having been snubbed for the all-star game will give him a boost of energy and he will play to prove the NHL brass’ wrong, you know, the way he played after Bergevin forced him in a bridge contract? Chin up Subban, it was one very bad game but Habs nation still loves you.

The Bum(mer): Jarred Tinordi’s fight in the AHL

Most of you have probably seen the fight between Jarred Tinordi and Andrey Pedan by now and if you haven’t you can see the video here:

(Be warned though, this is not comfortable viewing. In fact, the way he fell, hit his head on the ice and passed out was reminiscent of the fight that more of less ended George Parros’ career against Colton Orr.)

[vsw id=”HHWewjbAKSg” source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

So far, all that has been said by the Bulldogs is that Tinordi will require dental work, figures considering how hard he hit his chin on the ice but what we’re most worried about is the possibility of a concussion. Furthermore, that kind of scare can also affect a player long term, remember Mike Komisarek? He was never the same after that fight with Lucic. Let’s hope that a) he hasn’t suffered a concussion and b) there won’t be any lasting effects. Best of luck to Tinordi and we wish him a speedy recovery.

In the meantime, there are 3 games on the schedule this week; the Blue Jackets on Wednesday, the Sens on Thursday and a date with the Islanders on Saturday, we should have plenty to say next week! Until then, enjoy those 3 games!