Rabid Habs

Bergevin Continues to be Busy

If anyone ever doubted that Marc Bergevin means business when it comes to his Montreal Canadiens, I think it’s time to put those doubts to rest.

He’s not running a kindergarten or a little league team, he’s running an NHL team and the goal is to win the Stanley Cup, period.

The risk was high in trading Peter Budaj to the Winnipeg Jets on Sunday. It’s no secret that the man is, by all accounts, very popular on the Habs’ roster, not to mention the fact that he’s one of Carey Price’s closest friends. Needless to say, it could’ve hurt the locker room.

But it was still the best way to go. We need to move forward, not stand in the same spot like we have the 5 years before Bergevin got here.

For one, Dustin Tokarski clearly demonstrated that he’s got very good potential and that he can perform under pressure. Budaj on the other hand, never won a single playoff game in the NHL…So forgive me if I don’t get all teary eyed over this, I for one, think it’s about time we had a GM with enough balls to shake things up and to make the hard decisions.

The fact of the matter is that Tokarski could soon represent a very good trade bait for Bergevin. Just look at what the Vancouver Canucks got in return for Cory Schneider (a 1st round pick). Now Dustin might not bring us one of those in the near future, but you never know! The point is, a good GM will always try and keep his best elements unless they can be used to get something he needs in return, and that’s what Bergevin did. In this case there was also the danger of losing one of the two goalies through waivers and getting nothing in return.

As far as the Francis Bouillon saga is concerned, they had reached the last page of this story and it was time to move on.

I’ve never had anything against Bouillon, quite the opposite, I always loved the little warrior! I’ll never forget that one punch knockout he laid on Darcy Tucker!!! But because all good things must eventually come to an end, not that Bouillon isn’t good enough for the NHL anymore, the Habs just don’t need another defenseman. Once again, I’m sure this wasn’t an easy decision, even though they’re all professionals, it doesn’t mean they don’t have a heart! It’s hard to tell someone you respect, that he’s just not needed anymore, that his time has passed with the organization, especially when you know this person bleeds red, white and blue… I hope Bouillon manages to find another team in the NHL. The guy is a class act and it’s always sad to see a good guy’s career come to an end.

Now last but not least, Bergevin hinted during his latest media session, that he still had lines in the water, and that there is still a player that needs to be notified of something, but who and of what?!?!? Could this mean the end of Travis Moen in Montreal? Or is he simply talking about Jacob de la Rose who will likely be sent to Hamilton…or will he?

After the training camp Moen’s had, there’s no doubt his job is in jeopardy with the Habs. With the amount of talent the team now has to offer, and especially after having signed Drayson Bowman and acquiring Eric Tangradi in the Budaj trade – Moen’s job seems more and more tenuous. Will Bergevin be able to unload his $1.8 million dollar salary? That would leave him with even more freedom under the cap, with close to a $4 million dollar cushion!

I think it goes without saying, we have just gone through one of the busiest off-season and preseason we’ve seen in a long time, and it’s been a pleasure to follow so far!

Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more!