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Dwight King Not Proving His Worth

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After playing with the Canadiens for over a month, it seems that Dwight King has left his heart in Los Angeles. King won two Stanley Cups while playing an depth role beneath the likes of Anze Kopitar, Marian Gaborik, Jeff Carter and Drew Doughty. He may not have been the flashiest of them all, but you can always recgonize how much hard work he puts into each and every shift. I thought Dwight King was going to help our franchise throughout the journey through the playoffs, but in retrospect, I did not expect a performance this poor from King.

Although I labelled his play as poor, he has not been playing as bad as I made him out to be playing. One thing he is doing right is providing strong defense on most occasions. On the other hand, an aspect of his game that absolutely grinds my gears is that he’s an absolute detriment to the Canadiens speed that was already implanted in their lineup.

Unfortunately, Dwight King is visibly sluggish when he reaches the offensive zone with the puck. Dwight King is so sluggish that he slows down his entire line in certain junctures of the game, which hurts the play of players like Steve Ott and Torrey Mitchell. He barely contributes offensively and when the chances are served to him on a silver platter, he often whiffs on the puck and the fourth line has nothing to show for its hard work. So far into his tenure with the Habs, King has accumulated a grand total of 1 goal through 21 games. (Playoffs & regular season combined)


We shouldn’t worry though, as the fix for such a problem is rather easy. Below King, we maintain the likes of Brian Flynn, Michael McCarron and Andreas Martinsen in the pecking order.

If the Canadiens favor speed over grit, Claude Julien should go with Brian Flynn no doubt. Flynn may not be the sexiest option, but he can create offense by using his speed while maintaining a strong defending game.

However, if the Habs value grit over skill, they have Michael McCarron and Andreas Martinsen to rely upon, as both players are up to the task of providing the Habs with eye bulging hits and a strong forechecking game.

Personally, I can’t recgonize any plausible situation in which Dwight King sits out for a game or two. Julien seems to see something in him that I don’t. I can understand that a defensive player with a championship pedigree and experience would get the start over a younger, more inexperienced player; however, if he doesn’t produce offensively, one is justified to wonder why he would stay in the lineup.

Nonetheless, for the benefit of the team, I hope Dwight King returns to his true self rather quickly.

What do you think? Is King providing the rather inexperienced Habs with Stanley Cup – caliber leadership, or is he taking a spot in the lineup away from faster players? Sound off! Let us know in the comments!

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