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Exclusive Interview With Gregory Stewart

Gregory Stewart Photo - François Roy / La Presse

For long time Habs’ fans, Gregory Stewart’s name should be familiar to you. Indeed, the former Peterborough Petes’ winger in the OHL was an 8th round pick of the Montreal Canadiens in the 2004 NHL entry-draft. From 2007 to 2010, Stewart played 26 games with the Habs, where he registered one pass and 48 minutes in the penalty box. Here is my interview with the 6’2’’ and 196 pounds left winger which was mostly known for his enforcer side.

1- What was your reaction when you were drafted in 8th round back in 2004 by the Montreal Canadiens?

“I was in shock! Montreal was my favorite team since I started watching hockey on TV! I was very honored and proud of this moment. Actually, I only knew the next morning that I was drafted by the Canadiens. I’ll remember this moment for the rest of my life.”

2- How would you describe your three seasons as a member of the Montreal Canadiens, where you played a total of 26 games? What is your best memory of that period?

“Playing those 26 games for the Montreal Canadiens were definitely the highlights of my career. I will always remember my first game against the Toronto Maple Leafs where my family and friends came to see me. Playing many games in front of over 20 000 fans was a really great experience. Of course, I would have liked to play more games there. Unfortunately for me, when Guy Carbonneau was fired, Bob Gainey preferred to use his veterans rather than the young players. Still, I have no regrets about my time in Montreal.”

3- After that, you played few more seasons in the AHL, ECHL and other leagues. What are your best and worst memories?

“I don’t really have a particular memory that really stood out. In fact, each year brought me a lot of good times. I stood with new teammates with whom we’ve had good times when traveling. Playing hockey as a job all these years has been amazing, not a lot of players can say that at the end of their career. My difficult times during my career have really been injuries. At our level, no one wants to watch his teammates play while you’re sitting in the stands. It’s also because of the injuries that my career ended a little earlier than I thought.”

4- What are your goals for next season? Do you want to play hockey again? If yes, where?

“Over the past two years, I really played hockey for fun during the weekends and when it does not fit in conflict with my schedule. At this point of my life, work is my priority, but I hope to play in the future to keep my shape.”

5- You studied in 2012-2013 at University of Ulster for a Masters of Sports Management. Why did you decide to go back to school and d0 you enjoy your new career?

“During my season at University, which was located in Northern Ireland, I received a full scholarship to study in sports management. I really enjoyed this experience with the Giants Belfast. Even if I currently work more in management and less in sport, I love what I do. It was important for me to have a job after my hockey career. It’s very different from the life I’ve had before, but I’m happy with these new challenges. I’m now also able to spend my weekends with my family and my friends instead of playing hockey on the road.”

Thank you very much Gregory Stewart for your time and you, dear Rabid Habs readers!

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