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The Forum: Debating The Drouin-Sergachev Trade

The offseason is on! Your Montreal Canadiens have traded their highest ranked prospect and a conditional second-round pick for Jonathan Drouin. Here’s what our contributors thought of the deal.

Kyle Roussel (@kyleroussel) – The Habs’ biggest issue – bar none – is the lack of scoring. That has partly been addressed, as they still need a 1st line centre. But they will hopefully put Galchenyuk at 2C, do what they need to in order to find a 1C, and then have a happy 2017-18 season.

Drouin will excite us. We’ll love him. But we know what’s to come, right? Fans will deify him. Media will call for him to be captain. When Pacioretty slumps, media will call for Drouin to replace him. Eventually, media will lead the charge to run Drouin out of town, as well.

Still, it’s hard not to like this from the Habs’ perspective.

Antoine Mathieu (@HabsoluteTruth) – Although the loss of Sergachev really hurts, I think this is a good trade by Bergevin for multiple reasons.

1) Drouin is a local kid and arguably the biggest name from Quebec the team has had since Pierre Turgeon.

2) Drouin brings something we were lacking in the top six (beside Radulov who might not be back): a top six forward with vision. After years of seeing Plekanec and Gionta in the top six, it will be refreshing to see a true playmaker on the team.

3) He will make our PP better.

4) There’s a slight possibility that we switch him to centre. He was behind Johnson and Stamkos in TB and he’s only 22 so there’s still hope he can play there. Obviously ,like Chucky, he’s pretty underwhelming in his own end, but he plays exactly like a centre in the offensive zone as compared to Galchenyuk. He makes the players around him much better.

I am glad that we didn’t trade Sergachev for a player like Duchene. Drouin is the type of player where you pull the trigger if he’s available. We definitely will need to make a move for a left handed puck moving d-man since both Markov and Beaulieu’s days in Montreal are being counted. I hope that we keep our pick and that a prospect like Erik Brannstrom falls into our lap, would make the departure of Sergachev a lot easier to swallow. Last but not least, I hope that we keep Galchenyuk and that we find a way to re-sign Radulov, since a line of Galchenyuk – Drouin – Radulov would be a thing of beauty.

Ian Boisvert (@Boisvertian) – First, let’s get some house keeping out of the way. As we posted earlier, Pierre LeBrun is reporting that if Mikhail Sergachev plays more than 40 games this year, regular season and playoffs combined, the draft picks in the deal are completely wiped out.

Working from the assumption that Sergachev does in fact pass that threshold, this trade is pretty good. Even if he doesn’t, it’s still a good trade, but the draft picks are just confusing to deal with.

Jonathan Drouin is an elite playmaker with incredible puck skills. As an excellent skater, Drouin improves the Habs top six tremendously.

If you don’t like this trade, it’s not because of what Montreal got; it’s what they gave away.

I like Sergachev. A lot. I think there’s a great chance he becomes a stud defenseman on a top pairing with Victor Hedman. At the same time, Montreal gets a former third overall pick, and a Quebec-native with the potential to be the team’s first hometown superstar in a long time.

If Drouin can play centre, this deal is a slam dunk. If not, it’s still a need that Bergevin needed to fill. Right now, this trade gets a solid B+.

Robert Brown (@TheStandardBob) – Let’s just put this trade into perspective: my friend and I own an NHL simulation league and when I told him of the trade he thought I was referring to the sim league. When I then explained to him that it happened in real life, he was baffled, to say the least.

Nonetheless, this is what this team needs. Goals. This is a win now move. The luxury of this trade is that Jonathan Drouin is only 22 years old and we’ll see many more great years of his magic. We know we’re going to miss Sergachev, but knowing that Galchenyuk is out the door, which I’m against, maybe we’ll get a quality defender in return.

This is the first time in awhile that Bergevin has his fans on his side. He needs to capitalize on this trade and make this team even better.

Will Harte (@willharte) –

When it comes to this move,
I’d say Habs fans approve.
Marc avoided sure ruin
by swapping Misha for Drouin!

But will we still think ourselves lucky
when he trades away Chucky?
Will we be screaming “Egads!”
when Montreal fails to sign Rads?

At least now, as we look to next year,
Bergevin’s given us reason to cheer.
Who knows, maybe even a day
when it’s no more missing P.K.!

Ian Boisvert (@Boisvertian) – Dang Will, classing up the joint with a poem. Today is full of surprises.

Will Harte (@willharte) – Haha… Day deserves one, don’t you think?

Damon Thomas-Anderson (@DTA23) – He’s got the right last name for the media/market.

Sean O’Neill (@TheONeillFactor) – I will say this of Marc Bergevin: the man is not afraid to swing for the fences. This is obviously a boom-or-bust deal and a sign that the team feels the need to go all-in while they still have Carey Price under contract and in his prime.

My gut reaction is that I like this deal a lot, and that’s saying something given that my gut does not trust this management group in the slightest. Obviously there’s a chance Sergachev turns into a stud and there’s an equal chance that Drouin never quite delivers on his promise. But the Habs seriously lacked scoring and this has the potential to ignite the Habs offence the same way Ryan Johansen’s arrival catalyzed the Preds. For a team seemingly in win-now mode, this was a great deal.

That being said, all of this is moot if MB now turns around and trades Galchenyuk for 66 cents on the dollar…

Zach Vanasse (@ZachDropsTweets) – I talked about my initial reaction on The Recency Bias (plug!), but then I started watching more coverage of the deal on Thursday night and some dread started to set in.

Drouin is a good young player with a chance to be great, but Montreal is going to pile the pressure on like nothing we’ve seen in well over a decade. Maybe it turns him into a diamond and we sing his praises for years and years, or maybe it crushes him.

He seems to be embracing it and is definitely excited to be in Montreal, but it became apparent in the earliest coverage and reactions that expectations are quickly getting out of hand, case and point, this.

On the other hand, there’s this.