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The Forum: Will Claude Julien Be the Next Habs Head Coach?

The Boston Bruins have relieved Claude Julien of head coaching duties, which means the obvious question now is: Will Claude Julien be our Montreal Canadiens next head coach?


Kyle Roussel (@kyleroussel) – No, he won’t be. I just tweeted this, but I’ll say it again: there’s a big difference in wanting the #Habs to replace Therrien with Julien and expecting them to.

As much as I would like to see the switch, by no means am I expecting it. Therrien appears to be on solid ground and despite his infuriating choices (WTF is up with Galchenyuk back on the wing?!?!?!). Remember, for the last few years the narrative was that the Habs were a shitty analytics team that ought to be in lottery position, but were propped up by god-like goaltending. So this season the Habs are top 3 in CF% (despite a recent slump), Price has been good, but certainly not god-like, and the Habs have occupied 1st place in the Atlantic for a loooooong stretch. As much as we don’t like, and don’t trust Therrien, it’s hard to justify firing him now.


Zach Vanasse (@ZachDropsTweets) – Despite agreeing with everything Kyle just said, I still think there’s a strong chance Julien could be the next head coach of the Montreal Canadiens, even if it’s a little way down the road. The reason being the obvious fact that the Habs have ensured they have a very limited pool of coaching talent to choose from and Julien meets the minimum requirements, plus I actually believe him to be a solid coach. So while the Canadiens may be stuck with Therrien for awhile, it wouldn’t shock me in the least if Therrien 2.0 was followed up by Julien on his second stint with the Canadiens.


Will Harte (@WillHarte) – Wow. And on Pats’ Parade Day, no less. That’s cold. Anyhow, at least in the short term the only movement I envision is Julien to Florida. Status quo in Montreal with Therrien and Muller behind the bench.

Of course, let’s see how things go tonight against the Avs.


Sean O’Neill (@TheONeillFactor) – It all comes down to timing: Julien is obviously the most qualified (read: French-speaking) candidate but I find it unlikely he’ll still be in the market if and when the Habs finally decide to cut the cord on the Michel Therrien experience (which, unfortunately, I don’t think is happening any time in the immediate future). By the time the Habs are looking for their next head man, I fully expect Julien to be in Florida, Brooklyn, or somewhere else.


Kyle Roussel (@kyleroussel) – If Julien is to be the *next* head coach, then the Habs need to move pretty quickly. Does anyone expect Julien to jobless when the 2017-18 season starts? Would anyone be surprised if he found a new home before this season ends? I do agree with Zach in that Julien WILL coach the Habs again one day. He just won’t be the next guy. I remember posting to the Habs newsgroup waaaaay back when the Habs went through the gamut of Vigneault, Therrien and Julien. I posited that the Habs were pollinating the league with young Quebec-born coaches so that they could one day call upon them again after they gain experience elsewhere. I was laughed at back then for such a cynical, tin-foil-hat wearing take, but I’ve since been vindicated. The Habs are already on Therrien 2.0, and every time we sensed Vigneault and/or Julien were in trouble, cauldron started bubbling. Too bad those groups don’t exist anymore.


Olivia Lawrence (@Radulove47) – I personally would be very happy if this were to happen. I have never been a fan of Therrien, and I make it known. A few days after he was hired for the second time here, I invested in a “Fire Therrien” shirt. I’m not a fan, to say the least. When talks of firing him last season came up the main concern was “who could replace him, there’s no French speaking options?” Now, the option to replace him is there. Julien has proven he can lead a team to a Stanley Cup. His firing isn’t something that anyone should overthink. It’s clear that the Bruins team he had success with what he has been left with now. Given the chance, I believe that he would do a better job than Therrien. Can’t possibly be that hard.

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  1. Bay Bye

    February 7, 2017 at 7:13 pm

    I also wish they would make the switch ASAP…I never understood why a great organization would hire a coach who openly stated that one of the best players should not be on the team and who once hired eventually got his way. His dump and chase will not win a cup.He does not know how to utilize younger players as seen by Chucky going back on the wing. His undying love for DD and the special treatment he gives him is a joke. But I do not expect to see him gone soon as who would Bergevin vacation with next summer.