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The Forum: Will the McDavid Contract Affect Price’s Next Deal?

Connor McDavid is going to get paid $13.5 million for eight years. With Carey Price’s next contract taking centre stage for Marc Bergevin’s summer plans, is McDavid’s big pay day going to affect how much Montreal has to pay to keep Price?

Robert Brown (@TheStandardBob) – We all agree that #31 is the best net minder in the world, so he should earn a nice paycheck once his contract is up. Unfortunately, we live in a salary cap world and we  simply can’t tie up too much money to one player. ‎If we sign Price to a rich contract, we will be forced to a endure salary cap hell for years on end, and that’s something I’m certainly not looking forward to.

So we have to ask the question: is Price worth it?

Yes, ‎he obviously deserves that salary. Without Price we would never have been a contender. At best, Montreal would place 6th in the Eastern Conference. When a single player is the difference from being a potential contender to a fringe playoff team, you have to pay. I predict he could possibly earn in the region of $10.5 million- $12.5 million‎.

I can’t wait for Montreal to be in salary cap hell!

Kyle Roussel (@kyleroussel) – I’ve been worried about Price’s next contract well before McDavid got paid. The NHL is moving toward more skating, more skill, more puck possession, and ultimately more scoring. As much as I love Price, and as much as the Habs are currently built around him, I don’t want the Habs to commit 8 years and 80 million dollars to one goaltender. I don’t know where the alternative leaves the Habs, but I’m pretty sure that putting that much cap space into a position that doesn’t *need* it isn’t the best idea.

Ian Boisvert (@Boisvertian) – I really don’t think McDavid’s avalanche of cash will change anything in Price’s negotiations with the Habs, and here’s why: Carey Price knows he has a choice to make. Price can go and make $11 million somewhere else, or he can take $8 million for the next eight years, and have a change to win the cup for the next three(?). You cannot win a Stanley Cup while paying your star players over $10 million a year. Look at Chicago. Since the extensions to Kane and Toews have kicked in, the Blackhawks have been in even worse cap shape than they were when they had to let Byfuglien and Ladd go.

If Connor McDavid starts making $13.5 million, they need to win a Cup soon, because Talbot needs to get paid soon, and what money will be left for Draisaitl, who is currently an RFA.

Of course McDavid should shoot for the moon in negotiations. He did just win the Hart. But at the same time, if he takes over a dozen a year for the next eight, he relinquishes his right to complain that the team isn’t good enough.

Look at Crosby. He signed his 12-year deal in June of 2012. He could have easily taken the moon from Pittsburgh, but he took a haircut to help his team win, even though it’s weird calling $8.7 million a haircut. Then his team won back to back Cups a few years later.

Price and McDavid have the same question to answer when it comes to their next contract:

Do you want to get PAID, or do you want to win? McDavid is leaning more towards the former, and Bergevin is no doubt trying to nudge Price towards the latter.

To answer the actual question, I’m not worried about Price. The insider information has told me that both sides want to get this done, and it should get done before the season starts.

Kyle Roussel (@kyleroussel) – The only way McDavid impacts Price is if the new bar for franchise players is considered to be 13M. In that case, 10M will be considered a hometown discount, and Habs fandom will set itself on fire. I’ll personally be stunned if Price takes a penny less than 9M whether or not McDavid’s deal enters the equation.

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  1. habbernack

    June 30, 2017 at 2:52 pm

    Edmonton has a better chance at the cup than Cary ever will. Habs moving backwards with MB and the Oilers are contenders