Rabid Habs

Get Our Yer Brooms?

Sens vs Habs

Well, well, well, it seems that lady luck no longer smiles on the Senators.  For two months, everything and anything that could go right for them did and they came out of nowhere to make the post season.  Senators fans and many media pundits had them taking us out in the first round because they allegedly owned us, beat us in 2013 and were on a magical run.  They were the Cinderella story.  Well we all know what happened to the coach at midnight, reality hit and oops, reality bites.

Our boys just quietly went about their business, taking the first two games at home to hold serve.  Tonight was a game that could have decided the series. Sure two teams have come back from 3-0 deficits since 2010 but it is extremely unlikely a team would do it again.  Tonight, the Senators had to beat us and they couldn’t.  Dale Weise scored late in the 3rd and then in OT to win the game for us.  Carey Price was his usual standout self but we are 3-0 and he has not had to steal a game for us.  We have been the better team for most of the series and seem to be able to score when necessary.  During the season we never lost more than three in a row, for what that is worth.

Maybe it is time we start to give our boys credit.  All season it was “oh it is all Price”, their close wins were “unsustainable”, they were a prime first round upset contender etc..  Well, at least for this series, it has been sustainable.

So far Price has been Price, Subban has gotten under their skin, Eller has stepped his game up, Petry amazing, after a slow start in game, Markov has been Markov and even Emelin is playing well.  No one can be said to be playing under par to any great extent, and even those that are not doing as well as they could, have scored, Plekanec, Galchenyuk, etc..

Throw in goals by Weise, Mitchell and Flynn and boom, you have the makings of a sweep.

Normally, I would be fine with them losing Wednesday and finishing the job at home, but why take any chances.  Finish it on Wednesday and they might have up to a ten day+ rest like last year.