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What About Habs’ Greg Pateryn?

Habs' Greg Pateryn

One thing I have a hard time understanding is why Greg Pateryn is always talked about as the Habs’ 3rd defenseman prospect. He is not enormous like Jarred Tinordi and Nathan Beaulieu has more flare and character. But Greg Pateryn’s stats are good, his play is solid, and he plays on the side where the Habs need him.

I believe that one of the reasons why Pateryn is not talked about as much (nor is Magnus Nygren) is that he is older. I realize that this is definitely some backwards thinking and quite often Habs fans don’t consider other factors like the players’ age and experience.

Pateryn should be more NHL ready than either Tinordi or Beaulieu. However, with only six spots the Habs must look at the role, side played, long term benefits, upside, contract options, etc..

The main issue the Canadiens face is they have four defensemen prospects who could perhaps all play in the NHL right now. However, no team would have four D prospects play at once. Most likely, teams will have one or two (at the most) playing at once. This is where the other factors mentioned above come into play.

At the NHL level, in my opinion, Beaulieu has outplayed Tinordi by a large margin. We haven’t seen Pateryn there yet, but Beaulieu’s skating and confidence with the puck give him an advantage. I believe all four prospects will see NHL minutes this season. Some will play more than others, but everyone should be able to log some playing time at some point.

Right now, Pateryn and Nygren are battling for the 4th right-handed defense position. Who will be the first call-up if either P.K. Subban or Tom Gilbert or Mike Weaver get injured?

What are your thoughts Habs fans?