Rabid Habs

Habby To Be Writing Here

Hey all, thanks to Andre for allowing me to write here.  This is my first article for the site so I will tell you a little about myself and get right to it.

First, I am a 47 year old married divorce lawyer with one son who is ten and whose hero is PK Subban (he even chose 76 as his number for his winter team’s third jersey last year in PK’s honour).  My heroes as a child were Guy Lafleur, Ken Dryden and Larry Robinson.  I have been a Habs fan as long as I can remember.  I was born in Montreal and lived there until 1980.  My dad had season’s tickets so I saw all the great 70s teams live and in person.  I moved to Vancouver when I was just about 14 but have managed to steer clear of Canuckdom for 34 years.  In fact, they are the team I hate the most.  I have only missed one Canadiens game out in Vancouver, in November 1980 as I had my own game that night.   I have remained as rabid as ever even though in all fairness, the losses don’t send me into a deep depression like they once did 😉

Anyway, I hope you enjoy my rambling, comments are always welcome as are any criticisms.  Up front I can say I am not a stat guy, I don’t know my fenwick from my corsi from my QoC but I am usually bang on in my assessment of the team, their play and all individual players.  You can follow me on twitter at @DavidHalkett or on Facebook “David Halkett” (you will see me in a pic with my wife and son, I am in the SF Giants jacket).

Regarding the team, I am sad that Gorges is gone, he always gave his all although I do understand why he was traded.  I hope that Gilbert can make up for his loss although we still have a defence that  needs improvement given Markov is not what he once was, Emelin is still recovering from having his knee destroyed by Milan Quasimodo Lucic, Weaver is small and old, and we still do not know how good Tinordi and Beaulieu will be.  God save us if Bouillon returns, he has been the bane of my existence since he joined the team in 1998.

The real question is when will Subban be signed.  I read that he filed for arbitration while I was in California and that the hearing is scheduled for August 1.  Nothing good will come from a hearing so as of now Bergevin and Subban have sixteen days to resolve the matter.  I am not sure why it seems so difficult for the team to come to grips with the situation and sign Subban.  They had two years under the silly bridge contract where he was clearly underpaid and now appear to be jacking him around again for no good reason.  Is he not corporate enough for the team?  Is he too flashy?  I know that no player in Habs history has been straightjacketed as much as Subban.  When he scored a winning goal against the Flames a few seasons ago, his celebration (a bow and arrow move) was over the top.  When he low fived Price after wins, that was too much so that was stopped by Therrien.  When he rushes the puck, he sits.  He does well killing penalties, but alas Bergevin orders Therrien not to over play him (allegedly) so others killed penalties instead.  He doesn’t take crap from other players, talked back to Crosby, he isn’t respectful.  He grabs his jersey after a goal, that is disrespecting the other team.  Um have you seen goal celebrations lately, “respect” went out the door when Ovechkin started jumping on the glass for 8-1 goals. In the end, Subban has never been treated fairly by the hockey establishment and that includes the Habs from office who didn’t even push for him to be on the Canadian Olympic team.  He doesn’t fit the boring hockey world where it is considered indepth comments from a player to say “we gotta give 110%”.  Subban actually has opinions, OMG.

In the end, a contract will be signed or at least imposed but better to lock him up long term.  He loves Montreal and the Canadiens, the fans love him, sign him Bergevin.  Give him 7-8 million per year for eight years.

Until next time, Go Habs Go.