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Habs & their 26th Pick

The Habs have the 26th pick at the 2014 NHL Entry Draft and chances are that they will select someone who brings a physical aspect to the game.

There are three possible candidates among the list of prospects, who should be available at the 26th spot:

Brendan Lemieux (LW) 6’1″ / 209lbs: It’s unlikely that the Habs will be able to select him given the interest demonstrated by the Colorado Avalanche (23rd pick). However, Lemieux is likely one of the best prospects to be selected between the 20th and 30th spot. He is a talented power forward.

2013-14: GP:65, G:27, A:26, P:53, PIM:145

Adrian Kempe (C/LW) 6’2″ / 187lbs: A quick Swedish power forward who wins many one-on-one battles and has a heavy shot. Kempe will likely be picked between the 23rd and 30th spot.

2013-14: GP:45, G:5, A:6, P:11, PIM:12

Conner Bleackley (C) 6’0″ / 200lbs: Most likely to be available for Montreal because he brings less intensity than the other two prospects. However, he has lots of energy and has very quick hands. He brings the physical aspect to the game, but he will need to work on his acceleration and quickness.

2013-14: GP:71, G:29, A:39, P:68, PIM:48

Otherwise, the Habs have the option to try and obtain the Tampa Bay Lightning’s 19th pick and select a player such as Alex Turch – who should be available – or Nick Ritchie – who is less likely to be available.

Alex Tuch (C/RW) 6’3″ / 213lbs: Tuch is a big talented power winger. He is the real deal, but has lacked consistency during the 2012-13 season. However, he made up for it the following season.

2013-14: GP:26 G:13, A:19, P:32, PIM:36

Nick Ritchie (RW) 6’3″ / 229lbs: A natural power winger and possibly a future NHL star. Ritchie has delivered many multi-point performances last season and would be a good fit with the Habs.

2013-14: GP:61, G:39, A:35, P:74, PIM:136

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  1. spectre73

    June 12, 2014 at 4:37 pm

    If Marc Bergevin pick 26th, I think he should go with 1 of your suggestion but these draft is better for the defensemen this year so don’t be surprise if Bergvin choose a defenseman.

  2. admin

    June 12, 2014 at 11:38 pm

    I translated this article from a french version taken from Le Grand Club. But, for me personally, I am curious as to what Habs fans think about Ivan Barbashev. I get to see him play here in Moncton and this guy can play, he can hit, and he wants to play here. He’s not the stereotype Russian player we all read about.