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Habs Nation to Subban: We Need You Buddy!

While the Habs have been putting together some pretty impressive numbers in the win/loss columns, we’d be lying to ourselves if we said everything is going smooth and everyone is doing their share.

The truth paints a much different picture.

Let’s be honest here, our offense has been mediocre at times, good at others and downright awful during a 6 game span that gave cause for worry before this latest 3 game winning streak. Furthermore, our defensive squad has looked shaky and disorganized for the majority of this still young season, starting with our #1 defenseman, PK Subban.

What’s going on exactly?

Water cooler conversations suggest a possible hidden injury, which I find unlikely, while others are calling out Subban for sitting on his new juicy contract, which I also have trouble believing. I mean, let’s be real here, Pernell Karl does NOT look like he’s not trying right now, he looks like he’s completely lost out there! How many turnovers did he commit last night?!

Just so we’re clear, don’t come to me with some “Subban is overrated” or “We’re seeing the true Subban”, that’s hogwash and everyone knows it.

Could it be that the added pressure of being the best paid player on the team is getting the better of him? If so, how did PK Subban deal with the playoff pressure as well as he has in every post season we’ve seen him in so far?!

Different kind of pressure, I guess… But all this is to say that the Habs have benefitted from a little, or a lot, of luck so far this season, but luck always runs out sooner or later, we’re gonna need Subban to be at his best when that happens.

Thanks for reading!

Go Habs Go!