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Ice Dreams – My Interview With Tim Bozon

Habs' Tim Bozon

It is said that some people are just born to play the game, and that is exactly the case for Timothé “Tim” Bozon. Tim grew up around hockey due to his father (Philippe Bozon) playing in the NHL for the St. Louis Blues. A left-winger like his father, Tim knew at age 15 that he wanted to further his career and be in the National Hockey League, so he was selected by the Kamloops Blazers of the Western Hockey League, twenty-seventh overall at the 2011 CHL Import Draft. And so his journey to stardom began and after two years, on May 30, Tim signed a three-year entry level contract with the Canadiens, but his career was put to a halt on March 1st, 2014.

Tim’s season with the Kootenay Ice was ended prematurely (after only joining them for 5 months) due to a diagnosis of Neisseria meningitis. His illness caused him to lose 40 pounds; he had difficulty speaking and had to re-learn how to walk. However, Tim recovered fast by resuming skating only four months after his diagnosis and by September, he attended the Montreal Canadiens’ rookie camp. Tim Bozon is not only a legitimate NHL prospect, but his return to hockey after his near fatal bout with meningitis amounts to a mere moral victory which is why I was honored to interview Tim, where we discussed his struggle, his triumph, and his love for the Canadiens.


Hi Tim! Thank you for letting me interview you, it is quite the honor. My first question for you is what made you want to get into playing hockey?

Hey, no problem! I started playing hockey because of my dad and grandpa – both were pro hockey players.

Are there any players in particular that inspired you or still inspire you today?

Yes, of course. Obviously my dad is one of them having watched him play growing up; also like watching [Evgeni] Malkin a lot.

How do you feel the Kootenay Ice are playing so far this season?

We had a bad start but now we’re doing better. We are a young team with new young defensemen, it’s getting better since we got everybody back in the lineup since we got lots of guys out with injury.

What are some things you feel the team could work on in order to have a successful season?

We can improve everything. I think our biggest problem is moving the puck; work on details and execution and we will be fine.

You were diagnosed with Neisseria meningitis in March and recovered fast enough to start skating in June and attending the Canadiens’ rookie camp in September. Do you feel that what you went through made you strong as both a person and a player?

For sure it’s gonna make me a better person and better player. As I fought something terrible, it can only make me better mentally.

Is there anything you feel as a player could be worked on in order to jump on the Canadiens roster for the 2015-16 season?

My development was stopped because of the meningitis so I couldn’t get stronger this summer, so for sure my main focus right now is to get stronger and to be able to compete. And I think I can always improve my skating, my shooting; I would say everything.

What is your mindset before and during a game, and do you have any pre-game rituals?

Not really. I mean, I try not to have too many things. I would call it more a ritual or routine than superstition. I like to get loose before games and not to be very serious even though we have to be, but I like to have fun to take pressure away.

You were picked 64th overall by the Montreal Canadiens in 2012. What did that feel like? Were you surprised or did you feel it coming?

Great feeling; one of the best days of my life, to be honest. I was a little bit mad because I dropped to the third round. I was supposed to get drafted earlier than I did but at the end of the day, it doesn’t matter. I was just happy being selected by the Habs.

Have you always been a Montreal Canadiens fan? If not, who has always been your go to team?

As a French guy, of course Montreal was a team I was watching growing up. They’re very popular in France.

Who are you most excited to skate with when joining the Montreal Canadiens and why?

There isn’t one special guy I’m really happy to skate with. I mean, I’m excited to skate with everybody! It’s always fun when I skate with Chucky; we got drafted in the same year, it’s pretty cool.

How do you think the Montreal Canadiens are doing so far this season?

They are doing awesome. I think they have a strong team with lots of depth to go far again this year.

Being a Montreal Canadiens prospect, do you have a much bigger fan base than you expected? What’s the support been like for you?

It’s unbelievable [the support from the Habs fans]. We are only prospects but we feel the support. It’s awesome.

What’s one thing you’re excited about when it comes to playing for the Habs?

The Bell Centre: hearing that song when I score my first goal. That would be unreal

Tim, I thank you so much for letting me interview you. Before you go, I just have two final questions for you: 1) Looking at how the Montreal Canadiens have been playing so far in the season, what are some of your predictions for the rest of the regular season? 2) What are you most excited about in regards to what’s coming up for the Kootenay Ice and what are your hopes for the Ice this season?

Not sure.



Find Tim Bozon on Twitter (@timbozon94) and catch him playing for the Kootenay Ice in Cranbrook, British Columbia.

Find Jessica-Lyn on Twitter: @strucxtures

Photo credit: RDS.ca


  1. Greg

    November 23, 2014 at 7:54 pm

    I want to say that this is one of my favourite articles. Thank you for all of them Jessica. You’re an insightful and exciting writer! Your knowledge of hockey is impressive and inspiring.

  2. Jessica-Lyn Saunders

    November 23, 2014 at 9:27 pm

    Thank you for the wonderful feedback, Greg!

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