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Jordan Parhar: Cloverdale Habs Fan

Jordan Parhar

Meet Jordan, a 21 year old college student and Big Brother super fan from Cloverdale, British Columbia who had a secured spot on Big Brother Canada until he left the house blind-sided by his own ally with a bagel in his hand on day 35, officially becoming the first jury member of season three.

70 days away in both the Big Brother house and the Jury House can be brutal, especially for a hockey fan who has no access to cable (*insert horrific scream here*). However, thanks to the beautiful invention of the internet, hockey fans can easily find highlights of their favourite teams from the playoffs and for Jordan, that team is the Montreal Canadiens. In this interview, I talk to Jordan about his love for the Habs, his thoughts on the 2014-15 season, and more.

JL: How long have you been a Habs fan for and what or who got you into the Montreal Canadiens?

JP: I’ve been a Habs fan since the Fall of 2001 when I was eight years old. Joe Sakic was my favourite player when I first started watching hockey so I started off as an Avalanche fan (it was hard not to be a Colorado fan as a little kid with him Peter Forsberg AND Patrick Roy). Shortly after my eighth birthday, my Dad started slowly brainwashing me into rooting for Montreal (he’s been a huge fan since he was a kid).

I wanted to be just like my Dad in every aspect growing up, and the Habs were always on our TV screen so it was a pretty easy transition. José Theodore having a Vezina Trophy winning campaign that season sealed the deal, and since then I’ve bled red white and blue.

JL: Before entering the Big Brother house, how did you think the Canadiens’ regular season performance was? Did you have any mixed feelings or positive feelings?

JP: Before entering the Big Brother Canada house I had mixed feelings about Montreal’s season. I liked the acquisition of Jeff Petry at the trade deadline, and felt that the Canadiens had a very deep team. I was however very concerned about their goal scoring. It seemed like night after night if Max Pacioretty didn’t score, Montreal was going to have a difficult time winning. Carey Price is phenomenal, but he can’t do it all by himself. I was hopeful, but skeptical of their chances of making a deep playoff run as I typically am.

JL: Just before you went to the jury house, it was announced that former-Buffalo Sabres Torrey Mitchell and Brian Flynn were shipping up to Montreal. Did you catch up on regular season highlights as well as playoff highlights and what did you think of the new additions to the Habs?

JP: I haven’t caught many playoff highlights to be honest with you, but of what I saw from Torrey Mitchell and Brian Flynn during the season I was impressed. They’ve always been extremely solid bottom six guys in Buffalo and I’m happy to hear that they performed well down the stretch for the Canadiens. As I mentioned earlier I loved the acquisition of Jeff Petry and I’m really happy to hear that he’s been signed long term. Andrei Markov is no longer the staple he once was on the back end so it’s great knowing Petry will be back there for years to come to provide support.

JL: The night of the triple eviction was the same night the Canadiens were booted out of the playoffs during Game Six against the Tampa Bay Lightning. Did it feel weird not being able to watch any Habs games in the Big Brother House? How did you react when you found out?

JP: Finding out the Canadiens were eliminated the same night as the Triple Eviction in the Big Brother house was devastating! As soon as I got my cellphone back I phoned my Dad and he told me the bad news. I wasn’t overly surprised though, as I figured the Canadiens would have a tough time getting out of the Atlantic Division this season. Tampa Bay gave them fits all season long, and I was just impressed that they managed to take them to six games.

JL: Are you keeping up with all the trades/signings this summer? Who would you like to see leave or stay with the Habs?

JP: I definitely will be keeping up with all of the trades and signings this summer! To be honest though I’m hoping the Canadiens don’t sign any big names. The UFA class is pretty weak this season, and there isn’t anyone worth splurging money on in my opinion (especially with the Habs having only approximately $5 million in cap space). Signing Petry long term was a big enough move for them in my mind.

In terms of who should stay and who should go, I’m hoping they resign their marquee RFA’s (Galchenyuk, Bournival, Tinordi, Flynn, to name a few), but I’m sure they will. All of Montreal’s pending UFA’s aren’t worth signing at this point so I’ll be happy if Marc Bergevin let’s them all walk. Trade wise, it would be nice to shed the salaries of Alexei Emelin, P.A. Parenteau or David Desharnais but realistically I don’t see a scenario in which another team wants to acquire those guys. I wouldn’t mind seeing Andrei Markov go either, but again I think it’s unlikely they’ll be able to find a taker for him considering his age and cap hit.

JL: Do you think there’s a strong or weak chance the Montreal Canadiens could win the Stanley Cup in 2016?

JP: That’s tough, anything can happen. I want to stay positive, but with the roster they have right now I don’t see them as a true contender next season. The Canadiens will have one of the stronger teams in the East don’t get me wrong, but until they manage to find a way to score more consistently, I don’t see them getting over the hump. The only scenario I can fathom in which they’re hoisting Lord Stanley’s mug twelve months from now is if they manage to acquire a bonafide top line goal scorer, or if Carey Price plays out of his absolute mind and carries them there. As long as the Canadiens remain, in the words of Michel Therrien “a grinding team,” they’re going to have a tough time making it out of the Eastern Conference, let alone winning their twenty-fifth Stanley Cup.

JL: Just one last curious question. Who’s your favourite Habs player (past or present)?

JP: My favourite player of all time would have to be Saku Koivu. He provided the Canadiens with leadership that has been unparalleled since his departure. His comeback from his battle with Cancer was such an epic story, and seeing him fight back and prove his doubters wrong was so inspiring for me to watch as a kid. He was the lone bright spot for the Canadiens during a dark era of the franchise, which is why I believe he deserves to have his number retired. I could see another #11 surpass him as my all time favourite someday in Brendan Gallagher though. He plays with so much heart and passion, and is thrilling to watch when he laces them up. He’s my favourite player on their current roster.

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