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Josh Gorges: Heart & Soul of the Habs

Every team claims to have a Franchise Player; a player that the team can build around. I think it’s safe to say that the Montreal Canadiens have Carey Price as their Franchise Player. Others might argue that Max Pacioretty is their guy. In my opinion, both are franchise player material, but what about the other guys that are contributing in ways that are more difficult to measure? What about a player such as Josh Gorges?

From a points production perspective, Gorges’s 14 goals and 84 assists in 560 NHL games isn’t much of an offensive contribution. However, blocked shots, hits and +/- ratings are often overlooked by many. In 2011-2012, Gorges led the NHL with 250 blocked shots, had a respectable 131 hits and led the Habs with a +14 rating. That deserves recognition, right? The Montreal Canadiens certainly thought so when they locked him up for another 6 years. The team, at RabidHabs.com, was very happy with this signing.

Josh Gorges is a great leader and workhorse who entered the National Hockey League via the Free Agency route. It took him a while before he got to play an important role in the NHL. He was often confronted with criticism about both his performance and small stature during his early years, which he took as inspiration to improve. Since his acquisition, along with the San Jose Sharks’ 1st round pick (Max Pacioretty), he has proven to fans that he belongs in Montreal.

Gorges is someone who can set the tone for the Habs. He is willing to go at any lengths for his team and he performs with a lot testicular fortitude. A true leader in the community, Gorges knows what it represents to put on the Sainte-Flanelle jersey. His strong work ethics and perseverance is what Habs fans have learned to love about him. He’s always in playoffs mode, he’s always putting his team first, he has the passion to bring the cup in Montreal… He is the heart & soul of the team!