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What A Max Pacioretty Trade Package Could Look Like

This has not been a banner year for Max Pacioretty. With just 8 markers through 39 games, on pace for a measly 16-goal season, it’s been reported that Marc Bergevin is actively shopping Max Pacioretty. On Saturday night, Hockey Night In Canada’s Nick Kypreos stated that an eventual trade could include draft picks and prospects, however, Marc Bergevin’s intent is to acquire a young goal scorer in return. Elliotte Friedman also confirmed that the price is quite hefty because if: ‘Pacioretty goes somewhere where he doesn’t have to deal with this every day and he can just worry about playing hockey, he might just take off’.

If a player of Max Pacioretty’s value is getting shopped, it’s imperative that Bergevin maximize the return. Montreal’s current organizational needs are a 1C (obviously and forever) and a left-handed puck moving defender. Obtaining at least one of the two pieces should be the focal point of the trade. Pacioretty could fetch a considerable return. He is easily the most underrated goal scorer in the NHL. Since the 2011-12 season, Patches lit the lamp on 197 occasions, good enough for the 6th most in the NHL through that span. He puts himself in elite company with Alex Ovechkin (281), John Tavares (203), Patrick Kane (198), Jamie Benn (190) and Evgeni Malkin (184), among others. There’s no doubt that he can score at will and proven goalscorers are incredibly rare in the today’s NHL.

That’s why MB needs to maximize the return.

A Pacioretty trade involving  Ryan Nugent-Hopkins of the Edmonton Oilers could be beneficial for both clubs. The Oilers needs an elite goal scorer to ride shotgun with Connor McDavid,  meanwhile the Canadiens are in desperate need of a top center. The Oilers current left-wing depth includes Milan Lucic, Jujhar Kahaira, Patrick Maroon and Anton Slepyshev. Adding Max Pacioretty to the fold would instantly deepen their depth at left-wing.

Ryan Nugent-Hopkins is getting paid $6,000,000 a year to play as the 3C behind Connor McDavid and Leon Draisaitl. I predict he would flourish on Montreal because he can put points on the board while playing a strong defensive game.

If Bergevin fancies a trade involving Pacioretty, the time is now. At 28, He’s in his penultimate year of a cap friendly deal worth $4,500,000.

Hopefully, Bergevin will get the maximum return for Max Pacioretty. For his sake, he has to.


  1. Bay_Bye

    January 3, 2018 at 5:17 pm

    considering what happened with team USA and his present season…Pacs has destroyed his own value..it seems like his career has peaked and is now on the downward slide….Montreal is not in a good bargaining position with him and will have to settle for a lot less then they think he is worth

  2. Bryan Willey

    January 9, 2018 at 9:14 am

    Way I see it, there are only a handful of options which make sense.

    Edmonton: Oilers need help on winger, Habs need help at center. Won’t be 1 for 1 but I can see a trade to be made here.

    St.Louis. Have depth at center and have a ton of prospects on the horizon, looking for scoring. Acquiring someone like Kyrou and a center like bergland for instance?

    nashville. They have so much depth on D and still have guys like fabbro coming. Poile apparently wants pacioretty so maybe there is a deal to be made here.

    Rangers. Want scoring help plus would love to add a local boy.

  3. cbhabsfan

    January 14, 2018 at 5:54 pm

    Concentrating mostly on getting a future scoring line centre and a first-pairing-potential LH defenceman as a return for our captain, here are my favourite trade scenarios, in order of how much I’d like the deals to go down, from first to worst:

    (I don’t know how realistic any of them are, but it sure was fun to go through 30 teams’ rosters and draft lists to see all the good stuff that’s out there!)

    CAROLINA: Martin Necas and Haydn Fleury. Tournament all-star Necas was so dynamic at the WJC on a Czech forward group that was loaded with high-end talent. Fleury has finally made it onto the Hurricanes roster but still has a hard time getting out of the pressbox with that deep group of gifted young defencemen ahead of him. Some day the GM there is going to figure out that he will never be able to fit all his stud defencemen on his roster at the same time, and he still has glaring holes to fill up front. That’s when he’ll finally decide to pull the trigger. Hopefully.

    LOS ANGELES: Gabrial Valardi and Kale Clague. Valardi is the big, right-handed elite centreman we’ve been searching high and low for. Just coming off a back injury that kept him out of lA’s training camp, the pricetag for this potential game-changer might be as low as it ever will be. Kale Clague, widely considered the best defenceman in the WHL, came home from Buffalo with a gold medal. I might like this deal even more than the Carolina one, come to think of it…

    St. LOUIS: Robert Thomas and Vince Dunn. Thomas, by all accounts, is going to spend his NHL career as a 200-foot Toews-like centreman, but fortunately for us the Blues are ridiculously wealthy in blue chip young forwards. Not so much on defence, where Dunn is apparently knocking on the NHL door as a fine young puck-mover with first-pairing potential. It may not end up being these two players, but St. Louis does appear to be the team best positioned to make a deal for Pacioretty by giving up quality players they can afford to move.

    VANCOUVER: Elias Pettersson and Olli Juolevi. Pettersson, the no. 7 pick overall last year, is tearing up the Swedish elite leage at 19 and will probably be an NHLer as early as next season, so it’s doubtful if the Canucks want to move him. Juolevi may have lost some of his luster from the heady days of the 2016 draft, but he was the leader of Finland’s WJC defence corps this year and is still likely going to be a future top pairing NHL defenceman.

    CALGARY: Dillon Dube and Adam Fox. This is probably more realistic than a couple of the other examales listed here, mostly because Dube may or may not become a top six centre, though he is probably a lock for a decent NHL career somewhere in the lineup. But the key is Fox. This guy was the offensive engine of the American WJC defence corps and will be a puck-moving force in the NHL from the day he gets there.

    COLORADO: Tyson Jost and Conor Timmons. Probably not going to happen, as I can’t really see why the Avalanche would want or need a Pacioretty for the next season and a half. But Jost and Timmons would be exactly what we need. Jost is going to be a very good scoring line centreman and I thought Timmons might have been the best of Canada’s very deep defence corps at the WJC.

    I don’t really see Colorado or Vancouver having a whole lot iof interest in a glorified rental like Pacioretty, but the other four teams would be thrilled to have him for a stretch run or two, if not at the admittedly high price I’ve put on him here.

    I once thought we could get a first- or second-round pick along with two young blue-chippers in a Pacioretty deal, but i no longer think that’s realistic, if the players are of the quality listed above.

    Which is far from a given, obviously.

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