Rabid Habs

No Love For The Turtleneck

Habs' Tomas Plekanec

Another season has ended far earlier than most Habs fans wanted, so instead of looking at all the positive that came from it, let’s look at the negative.

It’s a common occurrence that is hard to ignore, and yearly we see the same hashtags:




Wait a minute, trade Plekanec? How did that one slip onto my list? The consistent work horse on the penalty kill, the calm voice that echoes what it means to be a Hab? Plekanec has always and will always be one of my favorite Canadiens. This year however, people are calling for his head. What is the reasoning behind this trade demand to Bergevin? Many Twitter users say “He disappeared in the Playoffs” or “He isn’t a first line center” and lastly the tired “Galchenyuk should be playing center, so we don’t need him”.

There is no mistaking that Plekanec wasn’t up to par in the playoffs, often going games without even a wimper. To his credit however, this was a first for him, with a strong 3rd and 4th line, we didn’t need him to provide all the defence that we’ve come to love him for. He could now focus on being an offensive threat. After years of being a staple on the penalty kill, Plekanec was now in unknown waters on the power play. In a season where we saw his offensive numbers increase dramatically, it was only right that he cemented himself as a strong number 2. Even though this wasn’t accomplished, as our power play was putrid in the post season. It was definitely not all on Plekanec. Alas, this is the nature of Habs fans, if we don’t win 82 games in the regular season and 16 in the playoffs… it’s time to blow up the team.

I, however, am going to once again be a part of the minority, and say #KeepPlekanec. Where would we be without him? Care to take a gander at the depth down the middle without him?

      1. Desharnais
      2. Eller
      3. Flynn
      4. Malhotra

Yes, I know I didn’t include Galchenyuk so sue me. I think he still needs time to mature into his role on the team. Scary though right? Keep that in mind when you are clamoring for Bergevin to trade every piece we have for that hope of landing Teows, Tavares or Malkin.

This ends my quasi-rant, it’s 6am on a Saturday.