Rabid Habs

So What Now for the Habs?

Now that the Habs are out, what can we Habs fans look forward to now? We always have the draft to look forward to but Habs will only have a high 20’s pick because of their playoff run, so unless the Habs trade up we won’t see any big names going out to the Habs on draft day. We also, as hockey fans, look forward to July 1st – first day of free-agency. We always want our team to sign the big names on the market, but this year we have 2 of the players on the market: Subban and Vanek. So let’s talk about salaries of players the Habs need to resign and should they resign them?

Let’s start with the best player the Habs definitely need to resign: PK Subban. Subban is the best defenseman on the Habs no question, he’s electrifying and has amazing puck handling skills. I expect him to be the first thing on the to-do list for Bergevin. I think we will be seeing PK back in Montreal in October. So no need to worry about him. My prediction for PK is 8.5 million / year to Montreal for 8 years.

The second best player that Montreal needs to resign is Vanek. Let’s be honest and say that Vanek was a no-show throughout all of the Habs’ playoffs. Vanek had 10 points in 17 games but looked worst than his stats show. He had a .58 points per game in the playoffs compared to his .91 points per game in the regular season. I personally would like the Habs to resign Vanek even though he struggled mightily in the playoffs. My prediction on where Vanek will land is Minnesota. People say Minnesota don’t have the cap to resign Vanek but with Heatley’s expiring 7.5 million dollar contract they have enough room. My prediction for Vanek is 7 million / year to Minnesota for 4 years.

The third and final player I will talk about is Markov. Markov is a Russian who has played his whole career in Montreal. I don’t think he will leave either. He will resign in Montreal for around 4 million / year.

I hope you enjoyed the article. Next up will be who the Habs should try to target.

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