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One Of These Things Is Not Like The Other – My Interview With Steve Dangle Glynn

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What happens when you ask a Toronto Maple Leafs fan’s opinion on the Montreal Canadiens? Maybe they’ll tell you how “awful they are”, maybe they’ll talk about how many of their shots are “lucky bounces”, or maybe they’ll just straight up tell you to buzz off and never come near them again. It’s a battlefield when it comes to interacting between two competitive fan bases, but I decided to cross that line by interviewing the most dedicated Leafs fan I know.

Steve Dangle Glynn (otherwise known as just Steve Dangle) is well known for his Leaf Fan Reaction videos on YouTube, where he gives commentary from games the night before. While taking a small break from being a secret agent at Sportsnet, recording Panago Pizza Podcasts, making LeafsNation.com posts, and being a Twitter heartthrob, I took the time to interview the internet hockey superstar for his take on the Montreal Canadiens; his thoughts, his feelings, and how Mountain Dew could help Brendan Gallagher raise some hell.


Hi Steve, I’d like to start by saying thank you for letting me interview you today; it is truly an honour. My first question for you is, how do you think the Montreal Canadiens are doing so far this season?

The Canadiens are winning under the same circumstances they did last year: Getting outshot. As long as it doesn’t get too out of hand they should be OK. After all, they have Carey Price! Plus Douglas Murray isn’t on the team so that helps.

What do you think are the biggest problems the Habs are facing in regards to their performance on the ice?

They’re a team with a lot of talented guys who are only going to get better ( Subban, Gallagher, Galchenyuk, etc). They still need to keep the shot count down though.

What are some positive changes you’ve noticed with the Habs this year and what players stick out to you the most?

Brendan Gallagher’s impact really can’t be understated. He’s a pest with true talent and raw enthusiasm. That’s obviously old news though. The next step for Montreal this season will be the emergence of Alex Galchenyuk into a true monster. And he will be that – a monster.

In your opinion, do you think Michel Therrien is the right coach for the Canadiens, or are they just dealing with another Alain Vigneault?

I don’t think so but I have to admit that’s mostly because 90% of the Habs fans I follow on Twitter seem to dislike him. I just wonder, like I’m sure Habs fans wonder, if they’re not living on borrowed time and a hot goalie. Not totally sure what you mean about Vigneault haha.

If you were a coach for a day, what advice would you give to the Montreal Canadiens to boost their performance? Would you also make any changes regarding lineups?

Pass it to PK. Brendan – here’s some Mountain Dew, now go raise some hell. Max – keep being awesome but stop with that damn sword celly.

Would you say that you’re a Habs detractor or merely neutral?

I’m not a Habs hater like many Leafs fans. I’ve met Subban, Gallagher, and Galchenyuk and they’re all gems. They’re a really exciting team to watch and I can’t hate a team I have fun watching.

Growing up a Maple Leafs fan, did you ever find yourself watching other games besides Leafs games? Perhaps any Montreal Canadiens games?

The Red Wings were my second team as a kid because Kris Draper visited my old elementary school (which he also went to once upon a time) when I was in Grade two. That was after Kris got clocked from behind by Claude Lemieux and the Avalanche won their first Cup. As an adult I love watching other games for variety and sure, Montreal is a team I often watch. They’re fun!

Not as a fan but as an overall fan of hockey, what is your opinion on this small “rivalry” between Montreal Canadiens and Leafs fans? Do you find it entertaining or do you find it annoying?

It’s entertaining to me but it’s mostly a fan thing. You watch the Habs play the Leafs and then you watch the Habs play the Bruins and it’s pretty obvious which one is the real rivalry.

When PK Subban had not yet come to an agreement when his contract was up, the Montreal Canadiens fan base were in panic mode. However, there were a lot of Toronto Maple Leafs fans supporting him and even saying that he should join the Leafs instead of staying with the Habs. Do you think Subban is better off in Montreal or do you think he would’ve been a key element to have on the Leafs roster?

PK Subban grew up as a Habs fan. Something about that makes me happy to see him succeeding with Montreal. We can only dream of that sort of thing in Toronto. Many were hoping David Clarkson would be that and, well… Come onnn Steven Stamkos!

If you could acquire anyone from the Montreal Canadiens roster to join the Toronto Maple Leafs, who would you choose and why?

PK Subban. Carey Price is a world-class goalie but goaltending isn’t exactly the problem in Toronto, as much as people try to make it that way. Subban is one of the best defenders in the league.

What is your favourite moment in Leafs vs. Habs history and what would you like to see from both teams the next time they face each other on February 14th?

Did Mikhail Grabovski not give the Leafs-Habs rivalry a good kick in the ass? I missed that. Genuine hatred. I think I hear Leo Komarov’s music…

Besides both teams originating from different provinces, what differences or similarities do you see between the Leafs and the Habs?

We both want to see each other in the playoffs. Against each other.

If there is one thing that Montreal Canadiens fans and Leafs fans should know about you right now, what would that one thing be?

I’m having fun and there’s nothing stopping you from doing the same J.

Thank you so much for your time, Steve. I really enjoyed talking to you. Before you go, I just have two questions for you. Looking at how both the Leafs and Habs have started off the season, what are your predictions for the rest of the regular season for both teams? And if the Toronto Maple Leafs and the Montreal Canadiens both make it to the Stanley Cup finals, despite being a Leafs fan, who do you feel could possibly win the cup?

The Eastern Conference is wide open but I just can’t see the west’s best teams losing to any of the east’s best. The Kings, Blues, Blackhawks, Ducks, etc. Pittsburgh seems ready to contend again though and Tampa Bay has officially arrived!

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