Rabid Habs

Preview: Sens @ Habs (Game 5)

I think the Montreal Canadiens will win tonight. I would like them to, anyway. Our Habs deserve at least one more win. And they’re unpredictable, once trapped. Remember that amazing series against the Washington Capitals, three small years ago? I’m not saying the Canadiens will win three in a row while missing Lars Eller, Carey Price (maybe), Brandon Prust, Brian Gionta, Ryan White and Alexei Emelin.

I’m just saying they’ll definitely want to make Ottawa’s life as difficult as they can before their summer vacation. The Canadiens are like a cornered beast right now, and we all know that a cornered beast will do anything it can in its desperation – everything it can do to survive.

So… everything is still possible. The big-boned lady has yet to sing.

My prediction? Montreal annihilates Ottawa tonight. You know what? If the Habs can win one against Ottawa, then maybe they can win two, and if they can win two, then they’ll come back to Montreal, and maybe, just maybe they can win three.

In any case, I’ll be watching with fingers crossed. I’ll be sporting my colours, and I’ll be cheering. I’ll cheer loud enough to wake up my kids. I’ll cheer loud enough to scare the neighbours. I’ll cheer until my voice blends with all of yours, that we may carry our Habs the rest of the way. That we may give them the heart to overcome these pesky Sens.

And if they still lose, then hear me well: It will not be their failure, it’ll be ours. It’ll be ours for doubting Carey Price. For fearing mistakes at the blue line. For moaning about the offensive production of various forwards. It’ll be ours for believing that our Habs are doomed to lose MORE than they deserve to win.

If you truly believe that the Montreal Canadians SHOULD win, then they CAN win. And the only way that’s going to happen is if we all stand for our HABS.