Rabid Habs

Rabid Habs Under Cyber Attack

An anonymous hacker has launched cyber attacks on Rabid Habs, but so far has not managed to bring down its website permanently. The website has been knocked out intermittently, but is back up and running for now.

Hackers commonly spot newer websites, and try to take them down via distributed denial of service (DDoS), which generally means flooding a website’s servers with requests, by that causing an overload. These DDoS attacks, however, are usually over within a short period of time. A targeted DDoS attack is impossible to avert, but there are useful tools that can help lessen the brunt of such an attack.

According to market research, DDoS attacks often come from competitors looking to gain market share. Rabid Habs founder, André Leclerc, doesn’t rule out the possibility.

“There were email exchanges with some of the well-known Habs sites and they were supportive of rabidhabs.com. I’m positive they wouldn’t waste their time with such tactics. However, maybe one of the newer Habs sites is trying to gain some leverage. The world wide web is filled with crazy people so who knows. All I can do is enable the site’s security features and hope for the best.”

“Despite what the odds suggest, these are not necessarily targeted attacks on Rabid Habs. These attacks could be random. However, if they were to be targeted attacks, then I would have my suspicions”, added Leclerc without going into any further details.

Launched in May 2014, Rabid Habs is a fan site offering wide-ranging Habs coverage: mostly opinion, critical commentary, analysis and other information concerning all things Montreal Canadiens. The website has attracted 14,000 unique visitors since its inception and Leclerc hopes to increase these numbers.

“These are pretty good numbers for a new website. I strive to be the best Montreal Canadiens fan site on the internet, but that takes a lot of time and patience. It’s unfortunate that we have to deal with cyberterrorists, but what goes around comes around. If I’m forced to shut down the site, I will, but nothing prevents me from launching a new one. I’m fortunate to have a great team of writers and a solid social media following, so I wouldn’t be starting from scratch.”

For the time being, Rabid Habs is still alive and its team is looking forward to the 2014-15 hockey season.