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Rabid Habs Unveils New Management Team

Rabid Habs Magazine

Rabid Habs Magazine, a website by Montreal Canadiens fans for Montreal Canadiens fans, is proud to announce new partnerships that will allow the organization to take their coverage, analysis and opinions of the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge to the next level.

Rabid Habs Magazine Founder André Leclerc has unveiled a dynamic new partnership in which established and recognized content creators Martin Jarry, and Zach Vanasse will join Leclerc to make up the Rabid Habs Magazine management team. As part of this new partnership, Leclerc will serve as Product Manager for the website, while Jarry assumes the role of Director of Strategy, and Vanasse moves into the position of Editor-in-Chief.

“Through the first year, Rabid Habs Magazine was finding its direction and audience,” says Leclerc. “Now that we’ve established ourselves in the space, we are in a position to take the website to the next level and this newly established partnership is going to help us get there.”

Martin Jarry brings a breadth of experience to the Rabid Habs Magazine management team, having previously contributed to HABSolumentFAN.com and DansLesCoulisses.com, and will help bolster Rabid Habs’ French-language content.

Zach Vanasse joined the Rabid Habs team as Managing Editor earlier this year when The Montreal Bias podcast, formerly The Two-Four podcast, was named the official podcast of Rabid Habs Magazine, and will assist in further refining the website’s editorial output.

“We’ve strengthened our management team and in doing so we’ve put Rabid Habs Magazine in a great position to see exponential growth as the 2015-2016 NHL season approaches,” continues Leclerc. “We are excited to enter this next phase of our development with an eye toward creating even stronger content, more stories and fresh takes on our beloved Habs. At the moment, the future looks bright for the Montreal Canadiens, and so too for Rabid Habs Magazine.”

The newly established Rabid Habs Magazine management team will continue to pursue and develop new agreements, secure additional contributors and establish compelling partnerships in order to create the best online experience for Habs fans, by Habs fans.