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The Recap: Game 58 – Habs vs Bruins


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Boston 4, Montreal 0


– As mentioned in the pregame preview, there won’t be a first period blog due to a scheduling conflict, we’ll be joining in for the start of the 2nd period.

– That said, there’s apparently a heavy contingent of Colorado Avalanche decision makers at the game, which is fueling speculation that a deal is in the works involving Matt Duchane. As I’ve said before, this trade is *not* going to happen. The Avs demands for a rental player are far higher than Marc Bergevin could hope to offer.


– Looking at first period stats, looks like the Habs had a good period, with exception to Boston being the only team who scored.

– First shift of the 2nd period, excellent work by Gallagher. He’s a welcome sight for this team, and adds a pretty irreplaceable dynamic that seemed to be missing on quite a few occasions during losses since early January – a general lack of intensity.

– Spooner to Chara who dipsie doodles around a couple of flailing checks and beats Price top corner blocker side to make it 2-0. Shorthanded goal just to rub in a little more salt. Habs powerplay has gone from being unable to score, to giving up soft goals. This is bad. Very bad.

– Canadiens being very sloppy with the puck, especially in their zone. Bruins are also swarming the low slot at will, Habs are basically playing on their heels.

– Hard to say for certain what’s happening, but I suspect its a combination of the Bruins rolling, while the Habs stumbling. Combined, Price is getting blitzed in this period, plenty of chaotic defending. Emelin icing the puck and Therrien calls time out to give his line a rest, maybe this will reset the Habs to stem Boston’s overwhelming momentum. 9 minutes left in the period.

– Habs need the Bruins powerplay. Krejci finishing a pretty passing play, Habs PK doing a poor job closing the lanes, and at 3-0, it’s hard to fathom this game not being over.

– Habs, let’s face facts, are a dysfunctional mess. They had an incredible month of October, but since then, they’ve largely repeated last year’s losing pattern, *with* Carey Price in goal. If they hockey gods are attempting to tell Marc Bergevin something, they’re screaming it. This team needs a fundamental change in another direction.

– Beaulieu with a bad penalty to end the period. He’s frustrated, Galchenyuk’s frustrated, Price is clearly irked – this is a very unhappy hockey team. Unhappy teams are losing teams – no matter what you do, no matter how many lines you shift, no matter what system you put in place, if your players are on a negative bent, the season is lost. For the Montreal Canadiens, they are now approaching the danger zone of playing themselves into yet another lost year.


– Bad 2nd period for the Canadiens, not only because they were soundly outshot and outscored, but because the team looks like it’s pretty much tossed in the towel – certainly for tonight’s game, and maybe even for the season. Moral is pretty much close to, or at, zero:

– Desperate times, so why not at least try Galchenyuk back with Pacioretty and Radulov. Down 3-0, how could it hurt??

– Nope. AK27 still nailed with Gallagher and Byron. Oh, well.

– Haha … Therrien does juggle his lines, by moving Pacioretty and Radulov apart. A mind-boggling adjustment. It’s at thought he lives in another universe.

– Having trouble figuring out what Therrien is doing. It appears as though he now has McCarron playing with Pacioretty and Gallagher? Well that worked out great, as Vatrano scores to make it 4-0. We’re on the cusp of a blowout.

– Carey Price being taunted by the Boston Bruins faithful. Could this be any more humiliating?

– A dismal loss to end a dismal week that had a favourable schedule, but turned into almost zero points gained. The Habs have gone from a comfortable Division lead to being in danger of missing the playoffs. Life comes at you fast, and this Montreal Canadiens team is in dire need of a huge shakeup if they have any hopes of salvaging their season. With five full days off, that shakeup might come this week. The only question is, does Marc Bergevin have the intestinal fortitude to make the tough decision?

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  1. Allan MacManes

    February 13, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    I may be wrong but simply put “they quit”. Once the score got to 2-0 they quit and left Price hung on his own. You could clearing see the anger/frustration in Price after the third goal. This team with the exception of a few are not committed to winning, Gallagher is always giving his heart and soul. Most of the rest seem to think that if they appear on the ice as “the Canadiens” they should win. I can’t imagine what a Gainey, Robinson, Beliveau, Ferguson, Richard and coach Scotty Bowman would say or do. Oh for the great Canadiens as players and men.