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When do you Start Following the Canadiens More Closely?

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That’s currently the question on canadiens.nhl.com at the time of this writing.  To me, it’s a silly question because I thought right away, “When do I ever stop following the Habs more closely?”.  And of course, the answer is, never.  But that’s just me folks, it could be that moment when I am sitting on the beach enjoying my vacation or settling into my favorite seat to watch Game 1 of the Stanley Cup playoffs, I am always following my Habs “more closely”.

After my first reaction to the poll, I had to make the choice right. Which time of year do I follow the Habs more closely?  Let’s see here; Training camp, first pre-season game, first regular season game, (ah! here we go) I never stop following the Montreal Canadiens!  That’s more like it canadiens.nhl.com.  My feelings exactly!  They know their audience don’t they.

There’s a strange thing I catch myself doing with most polls, especially Habs related. I try and guess the outcomes.  Typically this involves noting which site the poll is from to consider the different audiences that gravitate to these different sites.  It’s probably my competitive side that always likes to make a game out of a game, but I have to pick what I think will be the top results.  This poll is easy to pick folks, as I say this before clicking on results.  I think we see over 75% respondents say “I never stop following the Canadiens!”.  Then I could see the results of the poll going in reverse order from how it was framed.  Drum roll please!

Choice made, box checked!

Well… I was a bit high on my estimate, but still on the right path.  Just a hair over 60% of Habs fans never stop following the Habs.  Then more people start following with the first pre-season game, followed by the first game of the season and finally folks follow the team more closely at the open of training camp.  That’s not surprising to me, it’s all or nothing really.  We have the hardcore (Hello!) fans, we have the 25% or so moderate fans and we have the fraction who get pumped when the real games begin!

Wait!  Is this an article about polls or an article about when we start following the Habs more closely?  Well both folks,  I think polls are a fun way to get a quick outlook on the communities’ feelings on any wide range of topics.  I’m not as big a fan of those polls that are structured in a way to illicit a certain response or push an opinion a certain way.  We see these types of polls when the going gets tough and the media are jumping all over our Habs.  The “Which team should Price be traded to?” polls can go pow straight to the moon!

On the subject of how I follow our Habs more closely, there are a few times in the off season that spike for me when it comes to intense mulling over of Habs news.  It’s full on during the season of course, then after playoffs, after the pain (yes pain folks, unless it’s a Cup, it’s pain!) of the playoffs wears off, the season reflecting begins.  This activity is aided by having close friends who are also die hard Habs fans.  All of the “what ifs” come up, all the “tell me again why so and so was playing so much” doubting phase kicks in.  Then Draft/Free Agent week comes and goes, that spike in interest being quite high as this is also an exciting time because by the time July hits, the small trickle or complete absence of Habs news is palpable!  The Draft and Free Agent opening period is the boost we need to get through to training camp.  It’s exciting to wonder how good the draft picks can become and what the new free agent pick up will look like in the bleu, blanc et rouge!   Finally it goes without saying, my attention and my passion really kick up a notch in September with the start of training camp.  By this point in the year, the moves have been made over the summer to improve the roster, the prospects are hungry to impress, the regulars are just itching to get the season rolling, and of course, the fan sites and blogs are buzzing again.  From here on out, it’s sky high till the boys battle it out for good ‘ole Stanley’s Cup.  A wonderful time it is!

How far does your Habs fandom take you through the year?  Do you get into your Habs’ news routine in August, when the top prospects go to camp, or is it back in July when every team in the league has a statement to make about their future.  Or do you jump on the bandwagon in October when you a flicking channels and accidentally run smack dab into the start of the real deal?  I am willing to bet if you are reading this, like myself,  your Habs fanaticism goes for days!

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Go Habs Go!