Rabid Habs

Stop Overreacting

Habs' Lars Eller & Rene Bourque

How do I know it is November?

Well the season is underway, the leaves are changing and falling, the skies are greyer than most bankers’ suits, the rain is falling along with the sky after any Habs’ loss.  Face it, we aren’t going to win every game and we will get blown out in a few.  I am happy with the overall record at 8-3-1 but not with the way the team has played.  So far we have scored first in only two of twelve games, and have not yet had the lead after the first period.  Bonus is that we are 3-3-1 when trailing after two, which is a good record given many teams might only win three games when trailing after two period all season.  That being said, the team needs to pick it up big time if it wants to stay at the top of the East as it has been all season long.

In particular, we have only two goals from the forwards on lines 3 and 4.  We will not continue to win unless that changes.  We need to get the good Lars Eller and good Rene Bourque from the playoffs back.  Whatever Hab great from the past that used the Eller and Bourque bodies as hosts last April and May, please come back, we need you because the real Eller and Bourque are not very good.

On defence, Subban has not been as good as last year so needless to say some are whining about his contract.  He will be fine.  Markov has been amazing but I fear his will burn out.  Gilbert has shown not to be as good as Gorges and Weaver is just Bouillon 2.0.

The power play has been power less, no goals on the road, only three overall.

Some could argue that we are fortunate to have the record we do as of now.  While that might be true, we also cannot overreact to every loss as if it is a harbinger of doom.  If we are 8-3-1 despite the above issues, it means we are pretty good.  Once the kinks are worked out, we will be fine.

Stop overreacting.