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Subban: The Next Habs Captain?

The modern NHL uses captains as marketing tools. The Habs don’t necessarily need to do that, but you can’t underestimate that part of the equation. In that sense, PK Subban is a no brainer. He handles the media very well, has an insane passion for the club, craves a chance at winning in Montreal and is great in the community. Sure, he can yap on the ice and he’ll take a dive, but he’s not alone in the NHL for captains that do that. One team recently won the Stanley Cup with a captain much worse at that kind of stuff – Hello Dustin Brown!

Leaders are always going to be leaders whether they wear the “C” or not. Josh Gorges will still be a leader even if he didn’t get the chance to take over the captaincy in Montreal. That’s essentially why teams are looking beyond the Gorges and Brian Gionta type players now.

I think a matured and seasoned Subban – along with being our best player on the ice – should be a strong candidate for the “C”. I don’t see Tomas Plekanec or Andrei Markov being captain material due to their aloofness. Giving it to Alex Galchenyuk or Brendan Gallagher would be premature – being the captain in Montreal is totally different from Colorado or Chicago.

Personally, I would love to see PK get the “C” just for the reaction around the league. I also believe he is the right guy for the job!

But, first and foremost, let’s just get Subban signed long term.

What are your thoughts Habs fans? Who do you think will be the Habs next captain?

Go Habs Go!