Rabid Habs

TD Garden Beatdown Pt. II

Habs' Dale Weise

“That was huge. That was the turning point of the game right there. We felt like we were getting chances but not scoring, but then we got those power play goals and it opened the game right up.” – Dale Weise

The Montreal Canadiens had finally found the balanced attack they were looking for on Saturday night against the New Jersey Devils and would be looking to sweep their regular season series in Boston against the Bruins on Sunday night. For the Boston Bruins, the team were coming off a two to one win over the New York Islanders. Loui Eriksson scored the winning goal late in the game. Boston boasts a seven-two-one record in their last 10 games, and they currently sit fourth in the Atlantic Division, six points back of the Canadiens. The Canadiens, however, have one game in hand on their rivals. Also on the opposite side of the ice, the Habs have outscored the Bruins by a 13-five margin over the course of the first three meetings between the two clubs during the 2014-15 season. In their last visit to TD Garden, the Canadiens blanked the Bruins two to nothing. With Saturday night’s six to two win over the Devils showing the Habs as the more aggressive team, the Canadiens would seem to have no problem taking down the ‘Big Bad’ Bruins. However, they would need to put in the effort, keep the power play perfect, and use their force of aggression to their advantage.

The Canadiens were looking better than the Bruins during most of the first period, with tremendous pressure and aggressiveness on the ice as well as keeping the pucks deep in the Boston zone and not letting the Bruins skate too far past center ice. Despite the Bruins started to put pressure on the forecheck, both the Habs and the Bruins didn’t get the chance to put the puck behind the net and the period was left without a goal.

Only 38 seconds into the second period and Dale ‘The Dutch Gretzky’ Weise (assisted by Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais) buried the puck in the back of the Boston net, giving the Canadiens their first goal of the night and a one to nothing lead. While the Bruins and the Habs were pushing hard and applying the pressure and had a great pace for the game, the period was once again left one to nothing with Montreal in the lead.

Max Pacioretty’s 24th goal of the season came quickly as he gave the Montreal Canadiens their second goal of the night thanks to a beautiful pass from Dale Weise only 56 seconds into the third period. With the Habs opening up the scoring, the Bruins were becoming more aggressive as they tried to hold off the Canadiens from getting another puck past Tuukka Rask. However, the Habs were putting the pucks deep and keeping the pressure on the forecheck strong. However, with four minutes and thirty seconds remaining, David Pasternak (assisted by Milan Lucic and Dougie Hamilton) was able to give the Bruins their first goal of the night, leaving the Canadiens pushing harder to keep Boston from bringing the game to a tie and the Bruins bringing on aggressive pressure to put another one past Carey Price. In the final minute, the Habs were able to get one more point on the empty net thanks to Andrei Markov, giving the Montreal Canadiens a beautiful three to one win to take home.

Here are my thought’s about tonight’s game.

  • When it comes to games where Montreal are facing Boston, we as fans tend to go overboard with celebrating by cheering extremely loud and possibly waking up our neighbours. With that being said: VICTORY NEVER TASTED SO GOOD! Do you feel it, Habs Nation? Do you feel it?
  • There is always aggression during a Montreal Canadiens game against the Boston Bruins, but tonight the Habs brought back that force they had during last night’s game against the Devils. I also love the fact that the Habs had the upper hand in the first period and came out as the better team overall. I could list so many things that the Habs did right and while (once again) there’s still a lot to work on, the Canadiens are clearly doing something and tonight was a game we should all be proud of.
  • I know I’ve said that Dale Weise isn’t a top line guy but I have to be honest here and say that for these past two games, he’s been excellent with Max Pacioretty and David Desharnais. Not to mention, the chemistry is great between the three men. Maybe these new lines coach Michel Therrien has created will really work out for the best. I know I’m impressed with the results so far.

The Montreal Canadiens play against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Bell Centre on Tuesday at 7:30pm.

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