Rabid Habs

TD Garden Beatdown

Habs vs Bruins

“This is a first-class organization. It’s going to be fun. It’s the Montreal Canadiens; there’s no better way to get things started than to play against a rival like this.” – Bryan Allen

Last night was the third time this season that the Montreal Canadiens met their rivals, the Boston Bruins, and the first time this season playing in Boston. The Canadiens had the victory end of the stick when it came to facing the Bruins with a 6-4 win (home opener) on October 16th, and a 5-1 win on November 13th. There has been a huge bounce back with the Canadiens after their loss against the Pittsburgh Penguins on Tuesday, with a 4-1 win over the St. Louis Blues on Thursday. With their numbers rising again, including Max Pacioretty becoming the first Hab to hit double digits in goals this season, the Canadiens were on a high. However, the Boston Bruins were grumpier than ever. Milan Lucic took a bloody punch from Dalton Prout of the Columbus Blue Jackets Friday night, and Brad Marchand joined Zdeno Chara, David Warsofsky, Adam McQuaid, and David Krejci on the list of injured players that were out for the night. Needless to say, the Bruins were without their top men, and they were going to do anything to make up for it. Things just seemed uncomfortable and too weird for a match up with the greatest rivalry in NHL history. None of that mattered though, because if the Montreal Canadiens wanted to take home a third straight victory over the Boston Bruins, they were going to have to fight to the (hypothetical) death and improve their power play in order to claim their win over Boston, and slaughter the bear.

The Habs were going off the rails on a crazy train in the first 20 minutes of the game. Unlike the Bruins usual game play, this time it was the Canadiens putting high pressure on the Bruins end of the ice. Whether it’s because Boston’s key players were missing in action or not, nothing was going to put out the Canadiens’ fire tonight and with Andrei Markov putting a beautiful wrist shot (assisted by Brendan Gallagher and Tomas Plekanec) past Tuukka Rask on the power play eleven minutes into the game, Montreal made it clear that they came prepared for the bear.

It was on in the second period as the Canadiens were looking for a second shot past Rask and the Bruins were desperate for their first goal of the night. But the Habs refused to give in and at eight minutes and 59 seconds into the game, Tomas Plekanec led the Montreal Canadiens 2-0 with a back hand shot (assisted by Brendan Gallagher and Alex Galchenyuk). The Habs were playing beautifully, keeping their eyes on the puck and out of their zone, which didn’t please the Bruins as their inner bear started coming out half way through the second. But despite their size, the Bruins bark is worst than their bite and they were unable to keep up with the Habs, which ended the period with the Canadiens taking the cake and the Bruins feeling a little under pressure.

The third period had a lackluster start but after a few minutes, tempers flared high enough to melt the ice at TD Garden, with Torey Krug and Alex Galchenyuk participating in a fight with their fists of fury. After the scrum, the Canadiens and the Bruins were on their quests; the Canadiens wanted to up the lead to 3-0, and the Bruins just wanted at least one goal past Carey Price. But Price didn’t give in, ending up with a shutout. Rask was pulled with two minutes left in the third, giving the Canadiens an advantage, but the Bruins put the pressure on hard. However, they just could not find a way to get on the scoreboard and the Montreal Canadiens left Boston with a 2-0 victory and a third win against the Boston Bruins this season.

Here is my opinion of last night’s game.

  • Why do Boston Bruins fans always feel the need to “boo” P.K. Subban? Do they believe if they yell loud enough, the numbers on the score board will go up? Or is it just out of complete ignorance? For a guy who has hung out with legends like Bobby Orr, won the James Norris Memorial Trophy, won a gold medal with Team Canada at the 2014 Winter Olympics, was named an alternative captain for the Montreal Canadiens (along with Max Pacioretty, Tomas Plekanec, and Andrei Markov), and is one of the leading scorers amongst all defenseman in the NHL, there really is no need to boo P.K. Subban. If anything, he should be booing every single fan who has said “he sucks” when all his accomplishments were thrown in their faces. I’d like to see all of them have a eight year $72 million contract with an NHL team. Jealous, silly birds.
  • Carey Price got his first shutout in Boston (27 shutouts in his overall career) last night and had 33 saves, Andrei Markov scored the first goal of the night which added up to 100 career goal points. Am I the only one who is extremely impressed by what this team can do? Overall, the Montreal Canadiens’ performance at TD Garden proved that the Habs can improve their game quickly, that they really can master the power play, and that they have the “I really want to win this” attitude. I truly believe that if they keep up this way of playing (which I’m sure they will), they will make it to the Eastern Conference finals next year, no doubt.

The Montreal Canadiens will face the New York Rangers at Madison Square Garden tonight at 7:00pm.

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