Rabid Habs

Thank Our Lucky Stars

During the 2011-2012 NHL regular season, there was a pretty popular campaign under way. The campaign I speak of was appropriately entitled “Fail for Nail“. I’m sure most of you remember this popular campaign as it was taking place, and ultimately the team that would eventually “Fail for Nail” would be the Edmonton Oilers, as they ended up with the 1st overall pick in the 2012 NHL Entry Draft.

But, there was also another “Fail” campaign taking place that year, mostly in the city of Montreal and amongst Habs fans, and that campaign was humorously dubbed “Fail for Mikhail”. The Mikhail in question is Mikhail Grigorenko, who eventually ended up being drafted later than expected in the first round by the Buffalo Sabres.

Although the word “Fail” wasn’t associated with the name Grigorenko as much as it was with Nail Yakupov that year, boy oh boy, is it ever associated with it now.

Just to think, tons of Habs fans wanted the Canadiens to draft Grigorenko 3rd overall, which would have turned out to be a disaster. I mean, Grigorenko can’t even crack the Sabres lineup. THE SABRES!

Let’s all thank our lucky stars that the Canadiens’ higher ups had the sense to draft our beloved Alex Galchenyuk, who I might add is certainly coming into his own. The kid has 7 points (3G, 4A) in 7 games so far this season, and is starting to look every bit the player that we expected him to eventually be. He looks stronger, he looks faster, and heck, he even looks meaner. I mean, have you taken the time to look at the expression on this kid’s face during games? I mean, he looks like a lion ready to pounce on its prey. If this kid lives up to his full potential Habs fans, we are in for a treat for many years to come.