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The 24: Ashley Madison and Adolf

Ashley Madison

Welcome to The 24! Our weekly Habs-centric blatant ripoff of Elliotte Friedman’s must read 30 Thoughts column for Sportsnet.

Except in our case it has six less thoughts and 100% less insider information.

Each week Sean O’Neill and Zach Vanasse of The Montreal Bias podcast will mush their collective thinkings together on all things Habs and the NHL and spew them out right here.


1) Daniel Briere retired. There were few players I despised more throughout most of his NHL career, but in the end he did come home for a season so…

2) Never thought that when all was said and done I’d have more love for Briere than I do for Vincent Lecavalier. And yet, here we are. Screw you Vinny.

3) Speaking of going home, after Tracy Morgan’s horrific car accident in 2014 that left him in a coma and another passenger dead, many thought he’d never perform again. Now he’s coming back to host Saturday Night Live next season. This has nothing to do with hockey, but we’ve got 24 of these slots to fill and this is pretty cool.

4) Also, SNL comes back in early October, just like the NHL. So you can watch Morgan host after you watch the Canadiens beat the Red Wings. See, hockey tie in.

5) Everyone knows Adidas has always been synonymous with hockey, so it should come as no surprise that beginning in the 2016-2017 they will be the official suppliers of NHL jerseys.

6) Wait, like three-stripes Adidas? Do they even make hockey equipment? Sort of, in that Adidas owns Reebok, which currently supplies the NHL with its jerseys.

7) Wait, Adidas owns Reebok? Apparently so. Who knew? Researching this also taught us that Adidas was founded by a guy named Adolf Dassler. Maybe that explains why he preferred to go by the nickname Adi. And now you know where the Adidas name comes from. See, it was worth clicking on this article.

8) Oh, also some people are worried that the Adidas deal may lead to advertisements on jerseys. Not cool.

9) In case you haven’t been paying close attention because it’s mid-August, the Ducks signed Mike Santorelli.

10) Which means the Ducks have now added Santorelli, Carl Hagelin, Shawn Horcoff and Chris Stewart this offseason. All this despite landing future Hall of Famer forward Jiri Sekac from Montreal last season.

11) Speaking of things getting crowded, last time we checked the following individuals are now running the Toronto Maple Leafs: Brendan Shanahan, Lou Lamoriello, Dale Hunter, Kyle Dubas, Mike Babcock and now Jacques Lemaire.

12) Is there an Adult Swim YouTube clip to express how we feel about that?

13) Jacob De La Rose says his recovery from wrist surgery is on track and he expects to be good to go for training camp.

14) Also, Max Pacioretty is apparently “on schedule” with his recovery following knee surgery. Here’s some video of him on the operating table.

15) Speaking of Max Power, earlier this month Jonathan Quick called him one of the most underrated players in the NHL in an article for The Players’ Tribune.

16) Friend of the podcast Sean McIndoe aka Down Goes Brown handed out “heavyweight belts” to the best rivalries in NHL history over on Grantland.

17) This is the perfect use of the “heavyweight belts” format for the NHL. A few takeaways: rivalries, for the most part, ain’t what they used to be. Lots of single season champs in recent years. Also the Carolina Hurricanes are involved in one and that seems almost more wrong than them having a Cup banner.

18) Still, it’s pretty hard to debate much of this list. DGB put this one together well.

19) Oh, and the Canadiens are all over this thing. The Habs seemingly invented hockey rivalries and then took part in a bunch of the best of them. Must be because the Canadiens are just so awesome that it drives everyone nuts.

20) There’s no way it could be that we are the problem here, could it?

21) Speaking of lists on the Internet, ESPN’s UniWatch did a cool one about the best dressed cities in sports. Montreal doesn’t factor in due to having one team total in the four major sports leagues. Kinda felt they didn’t give the Blackhawks enough points though.

22) Speaking even more about lists on the Internet, not really surprised that there weren’t any NHLers on the leaked Ashley Madison list. Don’t get me wrong, those guys have tons of affairs, I just don’t think they need Ashley Madison to make it happen. Though it’s mildly surprising that there wasn’t a single Ottawa player on there. The sheer number of Ottawanians (?) on the Ashley Madison list should have at least included a Senator.

23) Alex Galchenyuk is looking good.

24) Yeah, he must work out.

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