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The 24: Charlie Conway, Jon Stewart and NOFX

Jose Theodore & NOFX via imgur

Welcome to The 24! Our weekly Habs-centric blatant ripoff of Elliotte Friedman’s must read 30 Thoughts column for Sportsnet.

Except in our case it has six less thoughts and 100% less insider information.

Each week Sean O’Neill and Zach Vanasse of The Montreal Bias podcast will mush their collective thinkings together on all things Habs and the NHL and spew them out right here.


1) MLB Advanced Media is more than Major League Baseball’s technology and media division; it has also become a streaming-video giant. What does this have to do with hockey? Well last Tuesday the company announced that it will power all of the NHL’s digital properties. This includes websites, mobile apps, video, and even the NHL Network, NHL Center Ice and NHL Game Center Live. That is to say, baseball is now running hockey’s technology.

2) What the hell does this mean for the NHL and its fans? Seems the NHL gets a stake in MLB Advanced Media’s tech business and $100 million a year in rights fees. For fans it means a serious upgrade in the quality of video we’ll be getting.

3) So it’s all good news? Well….. MLB is pretty damn strict about their video content, going so far as to not allow fans to create social content, like gifs and Vines, so we will have to see if MLB brings a giant corporate jerks approach to the NHL. Hopefully not.

4) Keep hearing fans saying Marc Bergevin isn’t being aggressive enough for their taste. That seems a little odd considering MB has grabbed (arguably) the biggest name available at both of the most recent trade deadlines (Thomas Vanek and Jeff Petry) and then signed the player that would have been the biggest name available (again, arguably) as a UFA on July 1 in Petry.

5) MB’s also been pretty good about jettisoning all the players we fans have issues with/potential problem contracts: Bourque, Moen, Briere, Gorges.

6) Finding some secondary scoring was the top priority for Marc Bergevin and the Habs front office this summer. It remains to be seen whether they accomplished their goal, but it looks as if their strategy was to buy-low on two risky high-ceiling assets (Zach Kassian and Alexander Semin) and hope that at least one of their gambles pays off. If both pay off, the team could be a Cup contender. If neither works out, it’s hard to see this team getting by Tampa Bay.

7) Just saying, it seems unfair to say Marc Bergevin isn’t doing anything.

8) Sportsnet will be airing all 82 Habs games next season, 40 of which will be part of the national broadcast and 42 will be presented regionally (so only for those living in the Habs viewing region).

9) Year one of the Sportsnet/TVA viewing experience was pretty damn underwhelming, to say the least. Here’s hoping year two is an improvement.

10) Do not hold out hope that year two will be an improvement.

11) The live game experience at the Bell Centre, meanwhile, remains unparalleled – it will, however, be quite a bit pricier next season.

12) Jose Theodore joined punk legends NOFX on stage during Heavy Montreal. There’s probably a clever joke of some kind to make here, but damned if I can think of it.

13) Meanwhile, Lars Eller showed up for the Rogers Cup for a little ball hockey.

14) Erin Andrews’ cokehead boyfriend signed with the Rangers. Don’t blow it Jarret! See, we had a joke for that one.

15) Former Hab Mike Cammalleri is set to become the first New Jersey Devil to wear the number 13 (he wore number 23 last season). Apparently Lou Lamoriello and company worried about the bad juju that number could bring, which is odd for a team named after the personification of evil.

16) Puck Daddy’s latest Summer Series has high-profile bloggers providing an A – Z breakdown of their favourite teams. The Montreal edition has yet to be published, but here are some brief suggestions: P is for Pernell, K is for Karl, S is for Subban, A is for “Amazing play by PK Subban”, B is for “Boy that PK Subban sure can skate.”

17) If the NHL ever goes through a slow news cycle, some enterprising blogger or beat writer should accuse Jonathan Toews of deflating hockey pucks.

18) Our very own John Casselman is right.

19) Speaking of things we saw on Twitter, what’s our ol’ buddy Phil up to?

20) And speaking of new jerseys and Twitter, the Ducks are hinting they’ll be going back to their roots for their alternate jerseys this coming season. Our pick? Glad you asked.

21) Speaking of asking us questions,  would you like to find out more about what the we think about anything? Then submit your questions for our upcoming “mailbagging” segment while you still have time to get into the first one ever. You can email us themontrealbias@gmail.com or simply ask on social media using the hashtag #RabidHabsQ. We will take your questions as seriously as we feel like.

22) East coast bias no more? We might be watching a lot more late night games now that David Letterman, Craig Ferguson, and Jon Stewart have all left the airwaves.

23) Seriously, it was hard to write this post because we’re having difficulty figuring out how to exist in a post-Jon Stewart on The Daily Show world. Your lucky it wasn’t just 24 facts and memories about watching that show.

24) Here it is…your moment of zen.

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