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The 24: Rebuilds, Renovations and Rentals

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Welcome to The 24! Our newest weekly piece that is a blatant and Habs-centric version of Elliotte Friedman’s must read 30 Thoughts column for Sportsnet, except in our case it has six less thoughts and 100% less insider information.

Each week Sean O’Neill and Zach Vanasse of The Montreal Bias podcast will mush their collective thinkings together on all things Habs and the NHL and spew them out right here.


1) It would have been nice to sign Eric Fehr at that price. No one could have said Marc Bergevin didn’t address scoring issues if he’d added Alexander Semin and Fehr.

2) At least he added Semin. Never expected to say that sentence.

3) Can see where some fans would be opposed to adding two right wingers, as it could potentially block opportunities for young players.

4) That’s a lot of money and term the Flyers have given Jakub Voracek.

5) With every new NHL contract signed, Max Pacioretty’s contract seems increasingly amazing. (For us, not him. Poor guy.)

6) What are we supposed to fret about now that Alex Galchenyuk has signed?

7) The Journal de Montreal were still harping on Galchenyuk’s “family issues” during another awkward conference call following his signing. At least Chucky called the article “laughable.”

8) According to Galchenyuk, he was the one who wanted the bridge deal.

9) There’s a growing number of individuals out there who believe that Montreal-native Mark Barberio is going to play a role in the Habs top six defensive pairings. Under the radar signing that’s going to be worth paying attention to.

10) Why weren’t there any outrage articles written about Carey Price getting snubbed by the ESPYs? Is it because no one cares out the ESPYs?

11) Interesting debate on Toronto radio after the Blue Jays traded for all-star pitcher David Price: Would you (you being Toronto sports fans in this case) rather have David Price or Carey Price? Consensus seemed to be that Toronto would prefer David Price to Carey Price.

12) Calm down. They have a point. If the Leafs added Carey Price they’d be wasting the best goalie in the NHL on a bad team, and winning more games than they would otherwise, which would hurt their rebuild. Meanwhile, David Price has been added to a Blue Jays team designed to win right now. Carey is the more dominant of the two Prices, no one is denying that, but for the Maple Leafs right now, they’re better off with the pretty average Jonathan Bernier.

13) It would be hard to argue that the Habs are a weaker team now than they were when Tampa Bay ousted them from the playoffs, but it shouldn’t come as a surprise to Habs fans when the experts appear less convinced by this edition of the Habs than the last. People put a lot of weight in what teams did in the most recent playoffs, even though there’s little correlation between a good/bad run and future success.

14) The Ottawa Senators are making some really interesting changes.

15) But seriously Sens PR team, was that really necessary? Red Army Rise!

16) Meanwhile, in Montreal Canadiens renovations news, the Hall of Fame at the Bell Centre will be closing Aug. 30.

17) The Vancouver Canucks are being wildly optimistic if they think Brandon Sutter is a legit number-two centre.

18) It’s been an….interesting….off-season for the Canucks. They surprised a lot of people (present company included) by sneaking into the post-season last year, but they still appear to be stuck in purgatory – not ready to commit to a full-blown rebuild but not really talented enough to be a legitimate contender in a loaded division.

19) The man who scored the 10,000th goal in Habs history is in a bit of trouble.

20) Wait…Sergei Berezin once scored 37 goals at the height of the dead-puck era?

21) PK Subban is training with Ben Johnson. Yes, that Ben Johnson. It’s a non-story, really, but the optics are still a little weird.

22) This seems like it might hurt the Quebec Nordiques chances of returning, at least a little.

23) Random summer Twitter follow: King Corsi aka @minusthebeer, which is a bot account that sometimes tweets hilarious and deep thinkings on the NHL.

24) How many days until training camp?

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