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The 24: Subbans In Suits

Subbans in suits Photo: RW & Co

Welcome to The 24! Our Habs-centric ripoff of Elliotte Friedman’s must read 30 Thoughts column. Except in our case it has six less thoughts and 100% less insider information.

Each week Sean O’Neill and Zach Vanasse of The Montreal Bias podcast will mush their collective thinkings together on all things Habs and the NHL and spew them out right here.

1) Don’t worry boys and girls, there’s more evidence that the season is getting closer! Red vs. White scrimmage is coming up for those of you who are particularly rabid Habs fans.

2) Presented without comment, because there are plenty of comments out there on the topic already: Teams are asking about Patrick Kane’s availability.

3) Okay, maybe not presented entirely without comment. We’ll say this much: this is a nearly unprecedented situation in pro sports. Kane is undeniably one of the best players in the NHL, he’s in the prime of his career, he is a hugely crucial piece on the best team of its era, and they are fresh off another Stanley Cup win. It will be interesting – for lack of a better word – to see how it unfolds.

4) It’s probably only unprecedented because previous situations of a similar nature would have been swept under the rug. This one is not going to go away quietly for the Blackhawks, the NHL or Kane.

5) In extremely unrelated news, in case you missed it, Rabid Habs Magazine is making moves.

6) Considering how loathsome we all find Gary Bettman to be, at least he’s not Roger Goodell, right?

7) Was having a conversation with a buddy the other day about how sane the NHL has been all summer. Where’s the financial stupidity we know and love from the general managers? Was there a learning curve that came with the salary cap that took several years to come around, or is this simply a one off “reasonable offseason”?

8) Low and behold, friend of the podcast Sean McIndoe (Down Goes Brown) took a closer look at this phenomenon for Grantland.

9) The good news is some general managers are still crazy fools out there and willing to sign players to stupid deals. Sorry, Pucks on Net.

10) The Minnesota Wild have hired former Oilers goalie coach Frederic Chabot, which is bizarre because Chabot was the goalie coach in Edmonton when current Wild goalie Devan Dubnyk was a bad goalie in Edmonton.

11) Anyone else notice that Alex Galchenyuk has passed PK Subban in the social media summer workout posts department? If we’re doing all of our scouting and analysis based purely on Instagram accounts (like all good scouts and analysts do), then it’s safe to assume Galchenyuk is going to have a huge season, while Subban’s numbers are going to fall off.

12) That’s not to say PK isn’t looking good. He’s got the Subbans all decked out in RW & CO.

13) Zach: This has nothing to do with hockey or even Montreal at all, but I really want to talk about Josh Donaldson. Can we talk about Josh Donaldson? No? Fine. But if you also like talking about Josh Donaldson, follow me on Twitter @ZachVanasse and we’ll chat over there. PK would talk to me about JD. So would Brendan Gallagher. This will be my only Josh Donaldson or baseball related comment. I mostly included this to piss Sean off/I really do want to talk about JD non-stop. We now return to your regularly scheduled 24 observations about hockey-ish things.

14) Sean: You know when the Hurricanes or the Predators or some other Bettman Sun Belt franchise makes an unexpected playoff run and all of a sudden they’re selling out home games and every one of their bandwagon-hopping ‘fans’ is claiming that they’ve been a true believer all along? That’s what this cute little jaunt towards quasi-respectability by the Jays is. The good news is that this is Toronto and Toronto can’t have anything nice. So enjoy this brief flirtation with relevance fuckos – we all know that when it ends, it’s going to end spectacularly.

15) Seriously though – Toronto can’t have nice things. Look at that depth chart! And it’s gonna get a lot worse before it gets better. That’s the right way to do things, but the Leafs are going to be unwatchable for a while.

16) Rogers can’t be super thrilled that the Leafs are going to be in major rebuild mode for the first 3-4 years, minimum, of their NHL rights deal. Then again, Rogers owns 50% of the Leafs so maybe they’re to blame. Come to think of it, maybe having two rival telecommunications giants have joint custody over Canada’s most valuable sports franchise isn’t exactly a recipe for success?

17) There’s been several articles discussing the Habs captaincy lately, but the smart money says they go sans capitaine again this year. The invisible but otherwise very real ‘C’ is stitched to Carey Price and will likely remain there.

18) Speaking of The Saviour, where is Carey Price going in your NHL fantasy draft?

19) Buffalo Sabres star Evander Kane put up a billboard in LA to win back ex-girlfriend and model Mara Teigen, and it worked. You know what they always say, ladies love billboards.

20) According to a report from TVA Sports, Patrice Bergeron thinks the Bruins need to find a little more consistency. Let’s all read way too much into this and pretend it means he’s unhappy in Boston and he’ll soon want out.

21) Was Antti Raanta cheering against his own team in the playoffs? A Finnish newspaper claims he was, but Raanta is denying the report (obviously). However, the Finnish reporter who wrote the story says he’s got the conversation recorded. Why do European players still seem to believe that interviews they do in their native language back home won’t somehow make it to North America? Seems like we get a couple of these mini-controversies based on articles and interviews from overseas every year.

22) When it was announced some time back that the Islanders would be moving to Brooklyn for the 2015-2016 season, it seemed a fair bet that they mimic the Brooklyn Nets Jay-Z inspired unis. The results, however, are less than awe-inspiring.

23) Speaking of the Islanders, has there ever been a more underrated coach, in any sport, than the late Al Arbour? Arbour passed away last week at the age of 82. He had four Stanley Cup victories and is the second winningest coach of all time, yet rarely seems to be mentioned alongside the all-time coaching greats.

24) It’s the last long weekend of the summer so finish it with a positive jam! Here’s some Labour Day Weekend listening recommendations for you from my (Zach’s) favourite listens of the summer (in no particular order):

Sometimes I Sit and Think, and Sometimes I Just Sit – Courtney Barnett
I Love You, Honeybear – Father John Misty
Fresh Blood – Matthew E. White
To Pimp A Butterfly – Kendrick Lamar
Carrie & Lowell – Sufjan Stevens
Star Wars – Wilco

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