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3 Random Thoughts

Michel Lacroix Photo - Radio Canada

We have said about all there is to say on the 2014-2015 season and with just over a month to go we anxiously await the 2015-2016 season. Will Marc Bergevin’s summer moves pay off? Will Carey Price be able to duplicate his 2014-2015 season? Will the Habs finally bring home that elusive 25th Stanley Cup. With this in mind, and while we wait for the puck to drop, I bring you three random thoughts.

1) The worst kind of Habs fan

There are many kinds of Habs fans and for me, as long as you cheer for the Bleu, Blanc et Rouge, it doesn’t really matter what category you fall under. There is the fan that can name you the winning goal scorer for the ’53 Stanley Cup. There is the fan that watches the exhibition games even if the Habs are down 5-1. There is the playoff bandwagon fan. The fan who will catch the game on Saturday night with some friends, and the fan who watches the Habs but could not tell you the difference between PK Subban and Carey Price. There is only one type of fan I hate. The fan who would rather see the Habs fail than admit they were wrong; also called the “I told you so” fan. They would like the Habs to fail so that Michel Therrien would be fired. They would love to see Desharnais get 20 points next season, even if it meant the Habs finishing last. I’m talking about the fan who hated the Zach Kassian trade so they want him to flop, even if it means the Habs losing a few games because of it. We all know this fan and I use the term “fan” loosely. Even if it means the Habs doing poorly, they can say I told you so.

2) My 2nd favourite NHL team

My friends and I were discussing who our 2nd favourite NHL team was. A couple chose other Canadian teams with Winnipeg and Edmonton, because “You have to support Canada,” with none of them being silly enough to cheer for the Leafs. A few of them had favourite players on other teams, so they cheer for Chicago (Jonathan Toews) Pittsburgh (Sidney Crosby) and even Washington (Alex Ovechkin). There were a couple who enjoyed the original six teams like the New York Rangers and Detroit Red Wings (sorry Toronto and Boston, I would not be friends with people who liked you). So when it came to my turn and they asked me, I had a simple answer. “Nobody.” I hate all the other teams. To me, we are not competing against teams from the Atlantic division or the Eastern Conference. We are competing against the NHL, and there is only one Stanley Cup champion and that means all the other teams are my enemies, trying to take away what I want for my beloved Habs. I will admit that for two weeks every four years I cheer for Team Canada at the Olympics, but even if you’re the player who scores the golden goal and wins us the gold medal – once the Olympics are over, so is my love for you. Who is my 2nd favourite team? Nobody!

3) Habs Real MVP

With all due respect to Carey Price who had arguably the best season a goalie has ever had, he is not my real MVP. Nor is it PK or Max. Not even MT or MB. If you have read my blog it is not even DD. The man I’m talking about is the MVP because, quite simply put, he is the best in the league at what he does by a landslide. His importance to the team and the organization cannot be understated. He is public address announcer Michel Lacroix. The way he gets the fans pumped up with the first words he utters “Accueillons nos Canadiens” to his bombastic goal call of “Max Pacioretty” to the best three stars call anywhere in hockey, Michel Lacroix is simply the best in the business. And with no disrespect to any of the public address announcers, there is simply nobody better than him.

Note: Please do not send me hate tweets saying I think he is more important to the Habs than Carey Price. I am merely suggesting he is by far the best at what he does.

Those are my three random thoughts. What are yours?

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Go Habs Go!