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It’s Time For The Mac Attack!

Michael McCarron

Looking back at the 2013 NHL Entry Draft, there was much speculation as to who the Montreal Canadiens would select at 25th overall. The consensus was that Montreal would try to pick up some size, by choosing the likes of Valentin Zykov, Ryan Hartman or Frédérik Gauthier. To the surprise of many, the Canadiens chose the towering London Knight Michael McCarron. Many deemed the selection a reach, and that the big man still had years of work ahead of him if he ever wanted to put it all together.

Well today is the day for McCarron. Yesterday he was called up from the AHL farm team, and this comes at a time where Montreal is struggling, so the question should be asked, what can “Big Mac” bring to our team this year?

  • Size: It’s no secret that Montreal has been deemed a small and soft team for the past couple of years. Although the additions of Torrey Mitchell and Devante Smith-Pelly help in that area, we are still a fairly small team. McCarron, at a colossal 6’6”, 231 pounds, will help bring some energy and grit back into the Canadiens’ line-up. Even though McCarron isn’t known for being overly physical, he still has those capabilities and it’ll be interesting to see him lay some hits tonight vs the Dallas Stars.
  • “Puck Carrier”: This option is more of my personal opinion, but I believe Montreal has been missing a big forward to carry the puck into the offensive zone since Alexei Kovalev left after the 2008-2009 season. McCarron plays a very strong power forward game, and being the size he is, it’s very difficult to knock him off the puck. My big issue with this year’s team is that they’re afraid to attack the middle of the ice off of the rush, so McCarron’s insertion gets me excited since this is his specialty. I’m extremely excited to see the brute explode and use his strength to show his dominance.
  • Intimidation Factor: This one is a pretty straight forward point to make. Montreal hasn’t had a physical threat since we shipped out Brandon Prust out in the summer. Nathan Beaulieu and Mitchell are seemingly the only two players on our roster that even want to touch a fight, so the addition of McCarron will bring in a third player to slot into that role. Too many times this year has Montreal been pushed around simply due to the lack of a fighting threat on our team. McCarron isn’t really known for his fighting ability, but he’s not afraid to put up the fists and stand up for his teammate to show his worth to this organization, which is a positive.
  • Scoring Touch: This is the aspect of McCarron’s game everyone’s been wondering about since he was drafted in 2013. This year in the AHL McCarron has shown that this is no longer a worry, having scored 13 goals and 11 assists for a total of 24 points in 28 games. This morning Michel Therrien confirmed that McCarron will be on the 1st wave of power play with Plekanec and Pacioretty, so it’s going to be exciting to see McCarron park himself in front of the Dallas goaltender, to see if he can help score any garbage or tip-in goals.

For me, McCarron is the prospect I’ve been the most excited for since Alex Galchenyuk was drafted in 2012. The deadly combo of size, speed and skill is so promising for our future and it’s only a matter of time before we find out what we truly have in McCarron.

Make sure you tune in tonight to watch the game vs the Dallas Stars.

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