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Tinordi Ahead of Beaulieu

Jarred Tinordi

This year, one of Nathan Beaulieu or Jarred Tinordi will have to step up to take that open roster spot on the left side.

For many Habs fans, Beaulieu is a step ahead of Tinordi because of how he played in last year’s playoff run. It’s true that he did a very good job when Therrien put him in the line up.

Of course, Beaulieu is a very talented offensive-minded puck moving defenseman. That was exactly what the Habs needed in order to boost their powerplay units and to move the puck up the ice in the PO.

Do the Habs still need that type of skills this year?

This summer, Marc Bergevin added former Florida Panthers’ defenseman Tom Gilbert to the line up. Here’s a description of Tom Gilbert’s skills taken from The Hockey News:

His Skills: Gilbert is a very mobile and a good skating defenseman. Moves the puck quickly and efficiently out of the defensive zone, and can also provide his team with offense. Good on the pinch, he knows his was around the offensive zone. Can log big minutes.

So Marc Bergevin just hired a puck moving defenseman who isn’t really physical and isn’t a stay-at-home defenseman.

Do we need another puck moving defenseman with Markov, Subban and Gilbert?

Do we need another stay-at-home defenseman with Emelin and Weaver?

Many Habs fans still expect Bergevin to go after a big tough player able to protect the numerous small and non-physical players. Some kind of “goon”.

With the departure of Brian Gionta and Josh Gorges, the Habs also got a huge hole on their penalty kill units. That hole won’t be filled with the addition of Tom Gilbert who took on average less than a minute per game with the Florida Panthers and his numbers are pretty bad on the PK.

What do the Habs need this year?

A young puck moving defenseman who’s not very physical and won’t be able to take some PK minutes or a 6’6” physical stay-at-home defenseman who can clear the front of the net, able to drop the gloves to protect his teammates and take some penalty kill minutes?

I know, we all like the offensive side of the game but I think the open roster spot belong to Jarred Tinordi for many reasons.

It’s all about roles… and right now, Tinordi’s skills are exactly what the Habs need on defense.

Did I mention that Tinordi is also known to be a great leader in the room and the Habs just lost a big part of their leadership this summer. Just another reason that makes me believe that Tinordi is ahead of Beaulieu.

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