Rabid Habs

United By a Game

Just a few weeks into the 2014-2015 NHL season and a game already had to be postponed. Games seldom do get postponed in the NHL, and NEVER in October, but mostly in our winter months where blizzards and Nor’Easters can reek havoc for the league’s schedule.

No, this game was cancelled following the incidents in Ottawa on October 22. This article is not about the incidents or the perpetrator, but about the unity shown around the NHL since they occurred.

Canada’s anthem was played at the Philadelphia\Pittsburgh game that same night, and was played again in Boston as a show of support for our nation’s capitol.

Around the league, fans are putting aside their rivalries and are standing united against cowards and their attempts at disturbing our way of life and are showing it through the game of hockey.

Every little gesture matters!

There is no doubt that our country will encounter many changes in the coming weeks, months or years following Wednesday’s events, beginning with an increased security for Saturday’s game in Ottawa.

Fans from around the country, and the World, will be glued to their tv sets on Saturday to see and hear our National anthem being sung like never before.

On that night, everyone will be a Senators fan! I know I will!

Go Sens Go!