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Why Plekanec should be Habs next Captain?

Habs Tomas Plekanec

The off-season is almost over and the Habs still need to name their captain.

Many believe that Subban is the favourite, however he still needs to mature a bit before becoming the Habs captain. In time, he should become a good captain but just not right now.

Then you have Markov who is the longest serving Hab, and is a great leader on ice, who would make a great captain but there is only one problem with that. In 2010, He rejected captaincy, because he did not want to have to speak to the media. So why would it be different now, he’s still the same shy veteran he was 4 years ago.

Then we come up to the guy who recently capitained his country in the Olympics in Sochi…. Tomas Plekanec. He may not talk a lot but nobody leads by example, better than the Kladno native. He plays a lead by example type night in, and night out.

He also seems to live up to the challenges he’s faced with. For example getting under the League’s best players’ skin. Although, Tomas doesn’t get credit he deserves and maybe being captain will change that.

Yes the Habs have many leaders, but there are a lot who aren’t ready to be captain yet. On the other hand, Plekanec is a 9 year veteran, who shows the qualities of an NHL captain.

Only time will tell who the captain will be… but Tomas Plekanec should really be considered.