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Will the Magic Continue Tonight?!?!?

Hi everyone and welcome to RabidHabs.com, where we’re all about the Habs!!

This being my first blog entry in this new adventure, let me start by introducing myself, the name’s Dominic, I’ve been blogging about the Montreal Canadiens for nearly 10 years now and I was graciously invited to join the RabidHabs.com group, and as you can see, I graciously accepted! lol

I guess it goes without saying that I’m obviously surprised with the success the Canadiens have had in these playoffs, I mean, aside from the most optimistic fans, who’d have thought we’d still be playing hockey on May 29th when the season, or even the playoffs, started!?!?! Although it’s no secret that the success they’ve had in the first two rounds of these series belongs in large part to Carey Price, credit needs to be given where credit is due, that being said, a number of other players played some very big roles at very opportune times. Let’s face it, without Subban’s  ability to raise his game level for big occasions, the Habs would be toast, not to mention Pacioretty’s knack for scoring in the big games, the man has 3 goals in 3 elimination games and the series winning goal against the Lightning, how’s that for clutch?!?!?!? Oh and can someone tell Lars Eller he had a bad season? He seems to have forgotten his role on the team, as he’s the leader in points amongst our forwards with 13 points in 16 games!!!

But there’s something more to it this year, somewhere, somehow, the Habs have gone through a transformation of sorts, this team now has character! Ever since the arrival of Marc Bergevin and Michel Therrien, the Habs seem to have forgotten the meaning of giving up, they get scored on, they score back, they get hit, they hit back, they lose a game, they win the next one, where does this team come from?!?!? There was a time not far removed, that the Habs would fold almost at the first sign of opposition, this year they seem to feed on it!!!

Let’s face it, these are not the same Habs anymore, this is a hockey team playing the way the game of hockey is supposed to be played, as a unit. And what a difference it makes!!!

At this point, the Habs are facing their biggest challenge yet, one they’ve faced once now and succeeded, they survived their first elimination game without Carey Price in nets, what’s more, they also looked pretty damn good doing it by winning a crazy 7 to 4 game!! They have to do it two more times, is there any magic left in the tank?

Which brings me to the subject of Dustin Tokarski, who knew?!?!?!? Who knew this guy could come in and fill the void Carey Price left in nets with his injury?? This is not to say that Tokarski is better than or even as good as our #31, of course not, but it takes some serious stones to go from the 3rd string goalie that’s practicing on the sidelines to stay in shape, to starting games 2-3-4-5 in the conference finals!!! Not only did he start, he excelled!!!

Where does this guy come from??

Just another sign that maybe, just maybe, we might finally have a GM who knows where he’s going. I mean, really, this is Marc Bergevin’s 2nd year as the Canadien’s GM, and we’re in the conference finals right now….

Are there really some non-believers left out there??? I, for one, am now convinced we’ve got the right man for the job.

Enjoy the game tonight everyone, my money’s on the Habs!! It’s Magic time!

Go Habs Go!!!